North High School Wall of Honor
June 25, 1950 - July 27, 1953
When did the Korean War begin and end?
At or about 4:00 a.m. on June 25, 1950 communist North Korean artillery and mortars began to bombard South Korean positions in preparation for an armor supported infantry attack across the 38th parallel into South Korea. That same day, at 11:00 a.m. Premier of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Kim Il Sung, declared war. Hostilities continued until July 27, 1953 when an armistice was signed by the Soviet Union, the People's Republic of China, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the United States. This was not a peace treaty, just a cease-fire. In 1991 North and South Korea signed a non-aggression pact, further stengthening the cease-fire.

The Korean War (1950-1953) was a military conflict between the Republic of Korea, supported by the United Nations, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and People's Republic of China (PRC), with air support from the Soviet Union. The war began on 25 June 1950 and an armistice was signed on 27 July 1953. The war was a result of the political division of Korea by agreement of the victorious Allies at the conclusion of the Pacific War. The Korean peninsula had been ruled by Japan from 1910 until the end of World War II. In 1945, following the surrender of Japan, American administrators divided the peninsula along the 38th Parallel, with United States troops occupying the southern part and Soviet troops occupying the northern part.
Honor Roll - Korea
I have started classes at 1946 and ended with 1959.
Years of Graduation: 1946-1959
Last Name, First NameBranch, RankAddress
Aduddell, Edward NewtonUS Army/Sgt.FCGraduated January, 1946. Korea.
Anderson, Gerald GeorgeUS Army/PFCGraduated August, 1946. Died 03/06/15.
Anderson, Lloyd EugeneUS ArmyGraduated January, 1946. Died 03/01/99.
Andrews, Richard MartinUS Navy Air Corps/
Received diploma June, 1946. WWII.
Armstrong, Robert HaroldxReceived diploma June, 1946. WWII. Deceased.
Badger, Lawrence CharlesxReceived diploma June, 1946. Deceased 10/06/03.
Baty, Edward McCoyUS Navy/CaptainGraduated June, 1946. 30 years in Navy. Died 10/16/97.
Berglund, Kenneth LaVerneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1946. Paratrooper; 182 Airborne. Died 02/09/95.
Bergstrom, Nels August, Jr. US ArmyGraduated January, 1946.
Bishop, RobertUS NavyWould have graduated in January, 1946.
Blosser, Richard DavidUS Army/T5
US Marine Corps/
Graduated January, 1946.
Bowers, Charles William, Jr. US ArmyReceived diploma June, 1946. Deceased 11/03/82?
Brehm, Jack WilliamsUS NavyGraduated June, 1946. Died 08/09/09.
Brynie, Osmund AlbertUS Army/T5Graduated June, 1946.
Bullington, William AugustUS ArmyGraduated June, 1946.
Carson, James RobertUS Army/PFCGraduated June, 1946.
Case, Richard DaleUS ArmyGraduated June, 1946. Deceased
Chick, Donald RobertUS NavyGraduated August, 1946. Deceased 02/13/04.
Conner, Kenneth GlennUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1946. Deceased 12/01/06.
Creger, Paul DwightUS ArmyGraduated January, 1946. Died 08/31/09.
Cropp, William NapoleonUS ArmyGraduated January, 1946. Died 05/25/12.
Davis, Jean McVeyUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1946.
DeRegnier, Henry M.US
Merchant Marines
Received diploma June, 1946. WWII. Died 10/16/07.
Derrickson, Harold LeexReceived diploma June, 1946.
Dunning, William RexUS Marine Corps/
Staff Sergeant
Graduated June, 1946. Died 06/29/12.
Dutcher, Herbert AlanUS Navy/
Graduated January, 1946.
Dutcher, Phillip SterlingUS Navy/FiremanGraduated January, 1946. Died 03/13/13.
DuVall, William GeneUS Army Air Corps/
US Air Force
Received diploma June, 1946. WWII. Went to North with 1943 Class.
Fanton, Charles WilliamxGraduated June, 1946. Deceased.
Fitzgerald, Maurice MichaelUS NavyGraduated June, 1946. Deceased 10/62.
Fletcher, Thomas WilliamUS MarinesReceived diploma June, 1946.
Fox, Edward EugeneUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1946.
Fox, George RoyUS ArmyGraduated January, 1946.
Fridley, Russell WilliamxGraduated January, 1946. Died 06/17/10.
Griffith, John M. xReceived diploma June, 1946. Deceased 04/22/95?
Hanley, Robert LeeUS Navy/
Seaman1st Class
Graduated January, 1946.
Hays, Edwin Francis U.S. Navy/
3rdc Petty Officer
Received diploma, June, 1946. WWII, Korea.
Heimbaugh, Donald JeanUS MarinesWould have graduated in June, 1946. Died 07/31/99.
Hillis, David LeaUS ArmyGraduated June, 1946. Died 08/25/97.
Hodapp, William J.xReceived diploma June, 1946.
Howard, Elmer WardxReceived diploma June, 1946. WWII.
Jenney, John (Jack) William, IIUS NavyGraduated January, 1946. Deceased 04/02/00.
Johnson, Richard HowardUS Army/CPLGraduated June, 1946. Paratroopers. Died 08/11/16.
Jones, William J.xReceived diploma June, 1946.
Jurgens, Homer AxelUS ArmyGraduated June, 1946. Died 03/09/08.
Kemble, John Robert, Sr.US NavyGraduated June, 1946. Annapolis, 1951; 27 years. Korea
Klinzman, Frank WatkinsUS Army/T4Graduated June, 1946.
Lawson, Robert DaleUS Marines/CplGraduated June, 1946. Pendelton, CA. Recalled during Korea. Died 08/25/11.
Lucas, Gene AllanUS MarinesGraduated June, 1946. Korea.
Lunn, William DavisxReceived diploma June, 1946. Deceased 02/12/06?
Mace, Jack C.US Marine CorpsReceived diploma June, 1946. WWII, Korea. Died 03/28/10
Marchael, Richard EdwardUS Navy/SeamanGraduated January, 1946. Deceased 07/23/09.
McCoy, Vern FrancisxReceived diploma June, 1946. Deceased 06/01/99?
McCracken, Fred Brooks, Jr. US ArmyGraduated June, 1946.
McGlothlen, Wayne F.xReceived diploma June, 1946. Deceased 03/28/99?
McGregor, Alan JamesUS ArmyGraduated June, 1946; Bremerton, WA; North High for two years.
Meek, Phillip VictorxReceived diploma June, 1946.
Middlekauff, William R.xReceived diploma June, 1946.
Miles, Morton J. US Navy/
Graduated June, 1946. Died 12/09/99.
Miller, Eugene CurtisxReceived diploma June, 1946.
Miller, Richard DavidUS ArmyGraduated January, 1946. Died 03/16/17.
Millican, Jack D.xReceived diploma June, 1946. Died 01/18/99.
Moffatt, Malcolm RoyalxReceived diploma June, 1946. Deceased 11/72.
Morton, Harold DwightxReceived diploma June, 1946.
Mossman, James LeeUS ArmyGraduated August, 1946.
Nelson, Robert EugeneUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1946. Korea; 1951-1954.
Nielsen, KennethUS ArmyGraduated June, 1946. Died 11/85.
Nugent, Francis J.xReceived diploma June, 1946.
O'Leary, Richard F. xReceived diploma June, 1946. Deceased 08/09/07.
Olson, Gerald T.US Marine Corps/
US Army Reserve
Graduated June, 1946.
Osbrink, Gordon CarlyleUS ArmyGraduated January, 1946. Died 03/27/11.
Orwick, Charles AlfredUS Navy/
Seaman 1stClass
Graduated January, 1946.
Phalp, William CortUS MarinesGraduated June, 1946. Died 11/16/13.
Radley, James RichardUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1946.
Roberts, James B.xReceived diploma June, 1946.
Robertson, DonxReceived diploma June, 1946.
Romaine, James De LaUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1946. Died 04/13/96.
Saylor, Richard WarrenUS Navy/Graduation June, 1946. Died 12/25/01.
Schlesselman, Jerry J.US NavyGraduated January, 1946. Died 01/15/08.
Scott, Lester GeneUS Marine CorpsReceived diploma June, 1946.
Sell, Clifford TedUS Marine CorpsGraduated January, 1946. Died 05/04/89.
Shidler, Donald H.xReceived diploma June, 1946. Deceased 11/10/99?
Smith, Robert LouUS Navy/
Yeoman 3rd Class
Graduated June, 1946. Died 08/25/14.
Smith, William D. xReceived diploma June, 1946.
Swinney, Robert DwaynexReceived diploma June, 1946.
Thompson, Jack DeanUS Army/T4Graduated June, 1946. Died 06/03/11.
Trow, Donald MarvinUS NavyGraduated June, 1946. Deceased 08/20/01.
Tucker, Glenn GorhamUS NavyGraduated abt 6 months after the June, 1946 class while at Drake.
Van Cleave, Robert CharlesUS Navy/WT3CGraduated June, 1946. Guam.
Waterbury, Josiah Whipple III "Bob"US ArmyGraduated January, 1946. Died 08/15/87.
Watts, Harry KennethUS ArmyGraduated January, 1946. Died 03/09/11.
Watts, Roger Keith?Graduated June, 1946. WWII
Wheeler, Dale RichardxReceived diploma June, 1946.
Wichman, Ramon KeithUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1946. Died 02/15/99.
Wood, Richard AllenUS NavyGraduated January, 1946.
Woodard, Jay DarwinUS Army/ PFCGraduated June, 1946. Korea.
Barlow, Clarence Lee (vet)US Marines/CPLJune, 1947. Korean combat.
Barmore, Jack HerrenUS ArmyGraduated June, 1947. Korea. Iowa National Guard. Died 09/27/07.
Brubaker, Theodore PhillipUS Army Graduated June, 1947. Korea. Died 09/03/14.
Buss, Jack EdwardUS ArmyGraduated January, 1947. Deceased 01/03/04.
Cady, John Thomas (vet)US MarinesJune, 1947. WWII.
Cansdale, William H. (vet)US NavyJune, 1947. Died 08/16/10.
Chapman, Gordon MerlexGraduated June, 1947. Deceased 06/16/05.
Church, Walter PrenticexGraduated August, 1947. Deceased 07/18/01.
Clements, Theodore John (vet) xJune, 1947.
Couchman, James (vet)US MarinesJune, 1947.
Cox, Laverne WesleyxGraduated June, 1947. Deceased 12./75.
Creger, Dwight Paul (vet)US ArmyJune, 1947. Died 08/31/09. Shown also as January, 1946 grad.
Crossland, Ronald EdwardUS Naval ReserveGraduated in January, 1947. Died 01/09/07.
Davis, Llewellyn Eugene (vet) xJune, 1947. Deceased 03/12/99.
Davitt, Laverne Lee (vet)US MarinesAlso meets with class of 1946 and 1949. Died 02/14/13.
Delk, Ira EdwinUS Air Force/
Graduated June, 1947. During Korea.
Demirjean, Hubert KennethxJune, 1947. Korea. Deceased 03/11/05.
Deremiah, Phillip Leon (vet) xJune, 1947. Deceased 2005.
Drucker, Jack M. (vet)xJune, 1947. Deceased 03/19/90.
Fitzgerald, James R. (vet)xJune, 1947.
Forrester, John William (vet) xJune, 1947.
Gabriel, RockyxGraduated?
Harney, James RichardUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1947. Died 06/17/72.
Heimbaugh, Donald Jean (vet) US MarinesJune, 1947. Deceased 07/31/99.
Holm, Terrance T.xJune, 1947. Korea.
Horsman, Donald LeonardxGraduated June, 1947.
Hyke, Jack Henry (vet)xJune, 1947. Deceased 05/07.
Jacobe, Dean EdwardIA National GuardGraduated June, 1947. Iowa National Guard Reserves. Died 12/16/10.
Johnson, William Erwin (vet) xJune, 1947. WWII.
Jones, Harold R. (Gus) (vet)US MarinesJune, 1947. Deceased 06/08/00.
Kerr, Millard LeeUS NavyJune, 1947. US Navy Reserves. Died 05/12/15.
Ketch, Clifford ErwinxGraduated June, 1947. Deceased 12/17/05.
Knutson, Herbert ArlingxJune, 1947. Korea.
Lang, John JerryxGraduated January, 1947.
Lientz, James Norman (vet)xJune, 1947.
Logan, Jack B. (vet)xJune, 1947. Deceased 06/24/06.
Love, Donald Thomas (vet)xJune, 1947.
McClish, Richard K.xJanuary, June? WWII
McLaughlin, Robert CarlUS Naval ReserveGraduated January, 1947. Died. 02/24/03.
Mehaffey, Jack E. (cvet)xJune, 1947.
Miller, Charles R. (vet)xJune, 1947.
Morton, Nathaniel (Ed) GeorgeUS Air ForceJune, 1947. Died 05/27/10.
North, James EdwardxGraduated June, 1947. Korea.
Omdahl, William H. (vet)US MarinesJune, 1947. Re-enlisted in 1950 and became a career Marine (30 years). Deceased 06/30/99.
Pearlman, Gilbert Dale (vet) xJune, 1947.
Popple, Joseph WalterxGraduated June, 1947. Deceased 01/12/00.
Potter, GeraldxGraduated June, 1947? Deceased
Randolph, Frank JosephxGraduated June, 1947. Korea.
Remsburg, Glen WalterxGraduated June, 1947. Deceased 01/27/05.
Saf, Robert LawrenceUS Army/T5Graduated January, 1947.
Scott, James D. (vet)xGraduated June, 1947. Deceased 07/07/95.
Sheil, Donald LeroyUS Army Graduated June, 1947. Died 10/09/17.
Shultz, Robert G. (vet)US MarinesJune, 1947. Deceased 07/17/05.
Stalcup, Robert EarlxGraduated June, 1947. Deceased 11/26/96.
Spangler, Donald PaulUS ArmyGraduated June, 1947. Deceased 11/86.
Stitzell, Glenn LaVille, Jr. xGraduated June, 1947. Deceased 05/19/09.
Stone, Richard MoorexGraduated June, 1947. Deceased
Swell, Theodore L. (vet)xGraduated June, 1947.
Turner, Jerry Leroy (vet)US MarinesGraduated June, 1947.
Veenschoten, Dean K. (vet)US MarinesJoined Marines at 17. Diploma from North in 1947. WWII.
Walrod, Charles ClintonxGraduated June, 1947. Korea.
Walters, HaroldxGraduated June, 1947?
Wellington, Clifford CharlesUS NavyGraduated August, 1947. Died 03/23/13.
Wheeler, Thomas Arthur (vet) xJune, 1947. Deceased 12/11/01.
Willey, Jack E. (vet)xJune, 1947. Deceased: 11/30/97.
Williams, Jerome GriffinxGraduated June, 1947. Deceased 09/22/94.
Woods, Theodore Lee (vet)xJune, 1947. Deceased 01/87.
Zilm, William MartinUS Navy/S1stCJune, 1947.
Anderson, James RobertUS NavyGraduated June, 1948. Died.
Auestad, King La DeanUS ArmyGraduated June, 1948. Died 10/05/02.
Barbee, Edward ClarkUS NavyGraduated June, 1948. Died 11/29/91.
Biermann, William AlbertUS NavyGraduated June, 1948.
Bishop, James ArthurUS NavyGraduated June, 1948. Korea. Died 04/07/16.
Brown, Harold LeeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1948. Died 09/06/12.
Christensen, Verlin DennisUS Army/PFCGraduated January, 1948. Korea. Died 02/03/02.
Cornwell, William ChesterxGraduated June, 1948. Korea.
Edwards, Kenneth NelsonxGraduated June, 1948. Korea.
Eklund, Max MerrillUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1948. Died 03/15/10.
Faust, Robert EarlUS Army/ 1st Lt.Graduated January, 1948. European Theater. Died 08/30/11.
Gammel, Gary EdwardUS Army/PFCGraduated January, 1948. Alaska.
Gunnar, Robert WarrenUS NavyGraduated June, 1948. Died 08/16/10.
Hohnbaum, Donald ClairUS ArmyGraduated June, 1948. National Guard or Reserve.
Hunsberger, Warren M.xGraduated June, 1948. WWII?
Hurwitz, Louis G.xGraduated June, 1948. Korea.
Jenners, Robert EugeneUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1948. Korea. 4 years. Died 02/06/05.
Keith, Francis EdwardUS ArmyGraduated June, 1948.
Mathews, Jerold ChaseUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1948. England.
Matthes, Jerry EugeneUS Marine Corps
Staff Sgt
Graduated June, 1948. Korea. Died 12/22/99.
McConahy, Raullo JustinUS NavyGraduated June, 1948.
McDaniel, Edwin ArthurUS Air Force/
Graduated June, 1948. During Korea.
McDonald, John WesleyUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1948. Died 09/06/11.
Nichols, George H., Jr.xGraduated June, 1948. Korea. Died 03/10/12.
Niffenegger, Robert WarrenUS NavyWould have graduated January, 1948. Died 10/23/10.
Norcross, Barry MaxwellUS Air ForceGraduated August, 1948. Germany. Died 05/01/13.
Petersen, Donald WilliamUS Army/Cpl.Graduated June, 1948. POW; Korea.
Polson, Charles DarrellUS NavyGraduated June, 1948. Korea. Died 01/19/04.
Raines, Ruth DeloresUSWAC/Major;
US Army Reserves/Lt.Col.
Graduated June, 1948. US Women's Army Corps. US Army Reserves. Okinawa. Died 07/27/94.
Range, Charles GlenUS Coast GuardGraduated June, 1948. Died 08/05/00
Rynearson, Jack MearleUS Marines Corps/
Graduated June, 1948. Japan. Died 05/16/15.
Scorpiniti, Clement LeexGraduated June, 1948. Korea.
Sodi, William CharlesUS Air Force/
Graduated January, 1948.
Sutton, Earl WesleyxGraduated June, 1948. Korea.
Swanson, Robert NortonUS NavyGraduated June, 1948. Died 09/07/06.
Tillotson, Drew RobertUS NavyGraduated June, 1948. Korea. Died 06/28/17.
Titus, Clyde ErvinUS NavyGraduated June, 1948. Died 05/18/08.
Van Cleave, Richard AllenxGraduated June, 1948.
Wilson, Lester WayneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1948. 34th Infantry Division; Iowa National Guard.
Died 02/22/15.
Ainley, Thurlan C.US Air ForceGraduated August, 1949. Died 04/14/99.
Allen, Robert CharlesUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1949. Korea. Died 12/03/12.
Bingaman, Harold WayneUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1949. Air Force-20+ years. Pilot. Iowa ANG, 510 Fighter Unit Association President
Buckley, Eugene MorrisUS ArmyGraduated June, 1949. Korea.
Davis, Howard JudsonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1949. Died 1976.
Davis, Paul Gordon US Army Graduated June, 1949. In France with USAFE. Died 10/27/17.
DeFrees, Jon WallaceUS Army/
US Navy
Graduated June, 1949. Died 11/13/03.
Dick-Peddie, John IrvineUSNR; USN/Capt.Graduated June, 1949.
Eklund, Rollo LeeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1949
Fedson, Richard HarlanIA National GuardGraduated June, 1949. Five years. Died 03/18/16.
French, Lewis LeeUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1949. Korea.
Gates, Robert LeeUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1949. Korea.
Gray, Thomas PaulUS Navy/EM3Graduated January, 1949. Died 05/15/16.
Grother, Bill LeeUS NavyGraduated January, 1949.
Hagman, Robert ThomasUSGraduated January, 1949. Did he serve?
Hatfield, Theodore LeroyUS Marines/PFCGraduated June, 1949. Service number was 1100567. Killed, Yanggu, North Korea. Died 05/31/51.
Heimbaugh, Donald JeanUS Marine CorpsLeft school early. GED later. Died 07/31/99.
Heimbaugh, Jack DeanUS Air Force/
Graduated June, 1949. WWII, Korea.
Hutton, Robert ArthurUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1949. Korea. Died 12/16/82.
Jackson, Lawrence US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1949. Korea. Died 06/01/51. Combat/24th Infantry.
Long, Robert DavidUS Marine Corps/
Graduated June, 1949. Korea. Died 08/25/08.
Lorenz, Thomas HarveyUS Army/CPLGraduated June, 1949. Two years.
Luce, Virgil LeroyUS ArmyGraduated June, 1949. Died 04/21/16.
Marvin, Paul KeithUS ArmyGraduated June, 1949. Died 07/07/13.
McMulin, Paul DonaldUS NavyGraduated June, 1949. Korea? Died 02/07/11.
Moore, Kenneth EdwinUS Army/Cpl.Graduated January, 1949. Korea. Died 07/19/09.
Mulcahy, Donald JamesUS Marine CorpsGraduated August, 1949. Korea. Died 04/28/02.
Nelsen, Deane GordonUS Marine CorpsGraduated January, 1949. Died 04/09/12.
Omdahl, William HarveyUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1949. Died 06/30/99.
Peper, Claus BryceUS ArmyGraduated June, 1949. 1953-55.
Porter, Raymond LawrencexGraduated June, 1949.
Reints, William (Bill) RobertUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1949. Korea. Died 04/08/05.
Riccio, Dominic PhilxGraduated June, 1949. Korea
Roberts, Paul VernonUS Navy/FT3Graduated June, 1949.
Schulze, Robert Roland, Sr.US Army; MDGraduated June, 1949. Korea. Died 01/22/01.
Sheil, Harry EugeneUS ArmyGraduated January, 1949. Died 04/09/14.
Sheldon, Lyndon LeroyUS Air Force/ColGraduated June, 1949.
Shepherd, Alfred Franklin, Jr. US ArmyGraduated June, 1949. Died 12/31/94.
Smith, Daniel WalkerUS Air Force/
Graduated June, 1949.
Smith, Raymond, Jr.US ArmyGraduated January, 1949. Korea. Died 02/05/08.
Sonderleiter, Kenneth Glenn, Jr.

US Marines

Graduated June, 1949. Died 12/17/13.
Spiker, Teddy CharlesxGraduated June, 1949. Died 02/81.
Stalcup, Richard LeeUS Marine Corps/
Graduated January, 1949. Camp Pendleton. Died 09/25/66.
Stevenson, Robert LouisUS ArmyGraduated January, 1949. Died 02/18/66.
Swift, Richard ClairUS Air Force/Mjr. Graduated June, 1949; Died Thailand; 11/22/68; Non-hostile; Died: Other. Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C.
Tavenner, Robert WayneUSMCGraduated June, 1949.
Timm, Jack EdwardxGraduated June, 1949. Korea.
Wheeler, James WendallUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1949. Two years.
Baldwin, Donald LeeUS Marines/CPLGraduated January, 1950. 3rd Marine Division. Japan.
Barnes, Robert LeeUS ArmyGraduated January, 1950. Korea. Died 06/18/75.
Blakely, Donald CurtisUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 06/16/86.
Bloom, Jerold MerleUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1950. Died 09/17/91.
Bosley, Paul BenjaminUS NavyGraduated January, 1950. Four years. Died 06/18/01.
Bowie, Jimmie NealUS Navy/
GunnersMate 3c and
USAF Reserve/
Master Sgt.
Graduated June, 1950. Korea. Served in US Navy and in the US Air Force Reserve.
Bowlsby, Jerry L.IA National GuardGraduated June, 1950. Died 06/08/17.
Brennan, Vance EdwardUS ArmyGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 04/20/73.
Brown, Philip MerleUS NavyGraduated January, 1950. Served stateside during Korea time frame. (VA)
Brown, Richard RussellUS Army/Cpl.Graduated January, 1950. Korea. Died 09/15/99.
Bullard, Russell JuniorUSMC/TSgtGraduated June, 1950. Purple Heart. Korea.
Burgett, William A.US Army/Sgt.Graduated June, 1950. 1952-54. Korea. Died 04/10/99.
Callanan, Jerome VincentUS NavyGraduated January, 1950. Died 10/19/67.
Daily, Jack T.US Navy/MM2CGraduated June, 1950. 1951-55. Korea. Died 09/07/09.
Davis, Thomas HuntingtonUS NavyGraduated June, 1950. Korea; Vietnam. Died 03/26/00.
Donovan, James FrancisUS Air Force/SSgt.Graduated June, 1950. ME, LA, CA.
Fuller, Robert OwenUS NavyGraduated January, 1950. Died 05/22/04.
Gilmore, Allen StaffordUS NavyGraduated June, 1950. Died 07/28/97.
Granzow, Ronald LuverneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1950. 187th Airborne in Korea.
Hall, Phillip WaynexGraduated August, 1950. Died 01/25/73.
Hansen, Herbert LoyeUS Navy/ Cmdr.Graduated June, 1950.
Hetherington, John NelsonUS Navy/SeamanGraduated January, 1950. Served stateside during Korea.
Howlett, Jerry HowardUS Army/CplGraduated January, 1950. Died 06/06/72.
Hudson, Kenneth LeRoyUS ArmyGraduation June, 1950. Korea. Died 08/04/90.
Isaacson, Max DelmarUS Air Force/Lt.Graduated June, 1950. Korea.
Junkin, Jack BreckinridgeUS Navy/MM2cGraduated June, 1950. Died 02/13/53
Kalsow, William B.US Air ForceGraduated June, 1950. Died 11/01/02.
Lawdahl, Harry ThomasUS ArmyGraduated January, 1950.
Lee, James DavidUS Naval ReserveGraduated January, 1950.
McDole, Joseph ElwoodUS Army/SergeantGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 02/01/11.
McMulin, Perle SamuelUS ArmyGraduated June, 1950. Died 04/24/04.
Melaas, Ira JosephUS ArmyGraduated June, 1950. Died 05/02/05.
O'Neill, Carl RichardUS Army/SergeantGraduated June, 1950. Korea.
Page, Margo Jean (Vugrinovich)US Women's
Air Corps/A2C
Graduated June, 1950. Died 12/15/04.
Palmer, Charles Richard JamesUS Navy/Mstr Chief Petty OfficerGraduated June, 1950. Korea, Vietnam. Master Chief, E9
Poe, William Joseph US Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 05/15/91.
Potts, H. RonaldUS Army/Lt.Graduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 12/12/92.
Poulson, Donald LeeUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 06/26/16.
Raines, Roger WilliamUS Army/PFCGraduated June, 1950. Korea.
Reece, Daniel Richard, Jr.US NavyGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 11/22/16.
Richardson, Earl LeroyUS Army/PFCGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 12/31/89.
Saylor, James RussellUS Navy/AK-3Graduated June, 1950.
Slack, Paul DavisUS Navy/
US Marine Corps/BG
Graduated June, 1950. USNA. USMC/BG
Springate, Charles StephenUS NavyGraduated January, 1950. MD.
Tew, William FranklinxGraduated June, 1950. Korea.
Thompson, Omer Lilburn, Jr.US Navy/RD3Graduated January, 1950. Korea.
Thorpe, Jack HarlanUS NavyGraduated June, 1950. Died 08/15/89.
Tjaden, Wayne HerbertUS ArmyGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 05/29/95.
Tyree, Ronald Wayne, Dr.US ArmyGraduated June, 1950. Died 08/02/11.
Van Buskirk, John HowardUS NavyGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 09/20/91.
Waldner, Robert ErnestUS ArmyGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 06/15/15.
Walter, Jerry DouglasUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 10/12/98.
Werner, Leon KurtisUS NavyGraduated June, 1950. Korea. Died 01/11/60.
Wilber, John RobertUS Navy/Seaman;E3Graduated June, 1950. Korea.
Alkire, Larry GlenUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1951.
Antrim, Robert WayneUS NavyGraduated January, 1951.
Berard, David HoughtonUS Army/Sgt.1CGraduated January, 1951. Died 10/17/11.
Bootz, Frederic AllanUS ArmyGraduated June, 1951.
Bricker, Rodney Paul GraysonUSAF/ColonelGraduated January, 1951. Retired after 31 years as an Air Force Intelligence Officer. Died 11/28/10.
Brophy, Patricia Ann (Sine)xGraduated June, 1951.
Carter, Wilbur RodneyUS Army/Spec 3CGraduated June, 1951.
Cassaday, Larry VincentUS ArmyGraduated January, 1951. Artillery at Fort Sill, OK.Died 12/06/10.
Caulk, James FranklinIA National GuardGraduated June, 1951. Served in Iowa National Guard for 12 years.
Coon, George CharlesUS NavyWould have graduated in June, 1951 class. Graduated in US Navy.
DeGroote, Donald JackUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1951. Died 05/03/12.
Evans, John RogerUS ArmyGraduated June, 1951.
Fedson, Robert PaulUS ArmyGraduated January, 1951. Died 03/06/13.
Grodt, Gaylon La VernUS Navy/
Radarman 3C
Graduated June, 1951.
Gustafson, Richard DuaneUS Navy/RD2Graduated June, 1951. Korea. Died 01/08/01.
Hermon, Robert Nathan US Army/Cpl.Graduated June, 1951.
Higday, Richard LewisUS Marines/
US Air Force/Sgt
Spent first three years at North. Graduated from Tech in June, 1951. During Korea.
Karaidos, George SperoUS ArmyGraduated June, 1951. Korea. 1953-1955.
LaVine, Jay RussellUS ArmyGraduated June, 1951. Korea.
Lucas, Dale AdrianUS Army
Corps of Engineers/
Graduated June, 1951. Two Vietnam tours w/Special Forces.
Lundy, Thomas ShannonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1951. Army: 1953-55.
Miller, Richard RaymondUS ArmyGraduated June, 1951. Korea.
Newcomb, William DennisUS Navy/
Graduated January, 1951. Korea. Died 03/21/11.
Petersen, Paul ElmerUS ArmyGraduated June, 1951.
Pierson, Edgar L, Jr.US NavyGraduated June, 1951.
Polydoran, Paul A.US ArmyGraduated January, 1951. Korea. Died 05/06/07.
Potts, Lionel AdairUS NavyGraduated June, 1951. Died 04/02/06.
Press, Ronald StanleyUS Air CorpsGraduated June, 1951. Died 06/14/05.
Rayburn, Donald DemossUS Army/1st Lt.Graduated June, 1951.
Reed, Shirley JeanUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1951. Nurses' Corps-4 years, 4 months. Flight Nurse of the Year.
Regis, Andrew JamesUS ArmyGraduated January, 1951. In Korea; 1952-54.
Ritchie, Donald EugeneUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1951. Korea. Died 08/16/07.
Ritchie, Charles Nelson US Army/Sgt.FCGraduated January, 1951. Korea. Died 06/27/06.
Schonert, James FranklinUS Navy/Yeoman2cGraduated June, 1951. Korea.
Shannon (Lundy), TomUS Army/CPLGraduated June, 1951. Died 04/05/16.
Short, Marvin J. (M.J.)US ArmyGraduated January, 1951.
Smith, William HomerUS Army/Cpl/E4Graduated June, 1951. Korea. Died 01/19/13.
Steadman, Donald WayneUS Army/E5Graduated January, 1951. During Korea.
Stuart, Norman NeilUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1951. Died 02/04/04.
Teske, Frank HenryUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1951. Korea.
Thompson, Lloyd F., Jr.US Army/PVT/E2Graduated January, 1951. Korea.
Trovas, LeoUS Army/Sgt.Graduated June, 1951. Okinawa.
Tucker, Frank MonroeUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1951. 8 years in Air Force.
Vlassis, James (Jim) S. US Marine CorpsGraduated January, 1951. Marine Corps-3 years.
Wiegman, Hugh AlanUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1951.
Winget, Gerald BlaineUS ArmyGraduated January, 1951. During Korea.
Winick, MarvinUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1951.
Wolder, Andrew ThomasUS Army/CPLGraduated June, 1951. During Korea. Died 02/04/15.
Woods, Pat Ann (Howlett)US Navy/
Graduated June, 1951. WAVES. Great Lakes, IL
Wren, Robert PaulUS ArmyGraduated June, 1951. Died 11/28/13.
Wright, Robert LeeUS Army/SSgt.Graduated January, 1951. Died 06/04/15.
Ainley, Donald DavidUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1952. USAF;53-57; Arizona National Guard; 57-89.
Argo, Hollis CraigUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952. Corps of Engineers
Baie, Mary DeeUS NavyGraduated January, 1952.
Boger, Larry RobertIA National GuardGraduated June, 1952. Died 07/14/06.
Bradley, James EarlUS Air Force/SSgtGraduated January, 1952.
Craig, Carmen A.US ArmyGraduated August, 1952.
Currie, Edward JosephUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952. During Korea.
Cutler, Laura Jeanette US Navy/
Graduated June, 1952.
Delk, Richard AllenUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952. During Korea.
Dray, Jack WayneUS Marine Corps/
Graduated June, 1952. During Korea. Died 02/24/04.
Fellman, Thomas PaulUS Navy/E6Graduated June, 1952.
Gauld, Ronald DouglasUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1952.
Glazer, David MiltonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952.
Greenfield, Donald David (Spider)US Marines CorpsGraduated. Marine Corps. 22-1/2 years. GYSGT Small Unit Leader. Died 11/22/09.
Gross, Jerry LeeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952.
Hadden, Richard RalphxGraduated June, 1952. During Korea. Died 02/28/92.
Hawkins, Eugene R.US Air ForceGraduated January, 1952.
Hawkins, Gerdon LeeUS Air ForceWould have graduated June, 1952. Died 09/11/09.
Hayes, Raymond CharlesUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952.
Hemphill, Clell LenUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952.
Hill, Jon DewittUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1952.
Jefferson, Arthur FloydUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952. Korea.
Ketch, William CarlUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1952.
Kiess, Manfred US ArmyGraduated June, 1952. Died 05/25/15.
Knapp, James DaleUS NavyGraduated June, 1952. Died 7/73.
Knight, Harold Joseph, Jr. US Army/PVT(T)Would have graduated June, 1952. Graduated Hollywood, CA High. Died 02/10/16.
Koskovick, Dennis EarlUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952.
Kuenkel, Ralph Max US ArmyGraduated January, 1952. Died 03/18/17.
Lass, Jerry ArnoldUS ArmyGraduated January, 1952. Died 01/21/85.
Lillian, Robert EltonUS Air Force/SSgt
Graduated January, 1952. Died 12/25/01.
MacManus, Gary EdwinUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952. During Korea. 1954-1956
McNeley, John LouisUS Army/SP2Graduated June, 1952.
McWilliams, Jack LeeUS Navy/E5Graduated January, 1952. During Korea
Nefzger, Benny D.US Air Force/1st LtGraduated June, 1952.
Nell, Donald EugeneUS ArmyGraduated January, 1952. Served during Korea. Died 06/20/09.
Nelson, John DanielUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1952. Died 12/15/79.
Nichols, John RaymondUS ArmyGraduated August, 1952. During Korea. Died 10/05/01.
Onnen, Richard EdmundUS Army/SP4Graduated January, 1952.
Patten, Lanny RayUS Air Force/Capt
Graduated June, 1952.
Porter, Richard LouisUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952.
Powell, Renaldo ErnettUS ArmyGraduated January, 1952. Frankfurt, Germany. Medical discharge. Died 04/04/08.
Riccio, Charles RooseveltUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952, Korea.
Rice, Bobby EdwardUS ArmyGraduated June, 1952. Korea. Died 12/23/11.
Sharp, Robert LeeIA National GuardGraduated January, 1952.
Upchurch, Paul HarveyUS ArmyGraduated January, 1952. Died 02/16/06.
Vlassis, TomUSAF1952-1956; Staff Sgt.
White, Robert LeeIA National GuardGraduated June, 1952.
Wilson, William CharlesxGraduated June, 1952. Korea.
Wing, Leslie AllenUS NavyGraduated June, 1952. Four years as fire control technician on Siboney and Randolph. Died 03/28/08.
Winget, Gerald B.xGraduated June, 1952. Korea?
Allen, Richard WayneUSMCGraduated June, 1953.
Bailey, James EliUSAF/Col. (ret.)Graduated January, 1953. Died: 05/10/05; Tucson, AZ
Barr, Merton AddisonUSAFGraduated August, 1953.
Boals, James RichardUSMC/Sgt.Graduated June, 1953. Korea. Died 09/21/92. Ft.Logan Nat'l Cemetery, Denver, CO. Section 3; Site 770.
Bone, Norman LeeUS ArmyFort Hood, TX; 1964-66. Died: 08/25/03; West Des Moines, IA 50265
Brewbaker, John EdwardUS ArmyUS Army; two years.
Brooks, LoyUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1953. Air Force-6 years.
Browning, Donald JoeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1953. Two years in Army.
Bryan, Garey AllenUS NavyGraduated June, 1953. Served in US Navy for four years. Died 08/20/14.
Caplan, Gary GeneUS ArmyUS Army; 1958-1960.
Cartwright, Richard LinUS ArmyGraduated June, 1953. Died 01/17/10.
Cohen, Jack BernardUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1953. France: 1953-1956. Died 11/21/11.
Dart, Thomas EverettUS ArmyGraduated June, 1953. Died 04/03/15.
DeVore, Donald HowardUS Army;
US Air Force
Served in military. Korea.
Endicott, Dennis JeromeUS National Guard; US Air Force Graduated June, 1953. Korea.
Forrest, LeRoy DavidUS ArmyGraduated August, 1953. Korea. Died 11/28/14.
Gallatin, Norman WilliamUS Air ForceGraduated August, 1953. Died 07/21/10.
Geissinger, Gene EdwinUS ArmySupply Sergeant, Iowa National Guard. Died 08/15/04.
Haller, Bill (William) RobertUS ArmyGraduated June, 1953. Served in US Army.
Hammer, Robert LeeUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1953.
Harner, Ronald LeslieUSAir ForcePilot; Thailand in 1973 for one year, etc. (Was retired as of 1993)
Hockenberry, Jon BryonUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1953
Logan, Tom EugeneUS ArmyUS Army; Ft. Meade, MD; 1954-1956.
Loomis, Don JamesUS NavyServed in Navy; 1965-1967 One year in Vietnam.
Madison, Robert CharlesUS Army; 1957-59Served in US Army in Europe (in France for 18 months).
Martin, Brandon LeighUS ArmyGraduated January, 1953
Murphy, John JamesUS Army/Lt.Two years as R.O.T.C. lieutenant in U.S. Army (coached football); Fort Riley, KS. Died 01/27/11.
Pratt, Eugene CarrollUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1953.
Quiner, Charles WalterUS ArmyMay 1959-February, 1961
Rhoads, Rodney EllsworthUSAir Force/Col.USAF. Spent 27 years in USAF. 1958-1960; Minot, ND. Lives in Des Moines, IA Vietnam. Died 09/12/16.
Riccio, Charles RooseveltUS ArmyGraduated in January, 1953. Signal Corps. Died 08/01/15.
Ritter, Mark AlanUSMCGraduated June, 1953. Died 04/01/97.
Springate, Kenneth AlbertUS ArmyGraduated January, 1953
Stookey, David JamesUS NavyGraduated June, 1953. Died 08/16/16.
Stuart, Harold RogerU.S Air ForceGraduated June, 1953. Major (1973)
Whitman, William WalterUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1953. 1957-1960.
Willittes, James LorenUS National GuardGraduated January, 1953.
Anderson, Gerald "Jerry" Ramsey,Jr.US Air Force/ColWould have graduated June, 1954. Transferred to Tech and graduated there.
Barton, Dennis MichaelUS Navy/Lt.Graduated June, 1954. Vietnam. Died 07/29/67.
Bradford, Peter BlomgrenUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1954. Died 12/06/14.
Clark, Dale LeeUS NavyGraduated January, 1954. Died 06/15/13.
Davis, Thomas Linn US Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1954.
Fulton, Jerry BertUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1954.
Griffiths, David RolandUS Marine Corps/
Lance Cpl.
Graduated June, 1954. Died 10/11/06.
Jackman, Edwin WayneUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1954. Died 05/30/90.
Jerome, Jule KentIowa Nat'l Guard/
Staff Sgt.
Graduated June, 1954. Died 06/21/11.
Johnson, Frank GeorgeIowa Nat'l GuardGraduated January, 1954. Died 03/10/11.
Jordan, GrantUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1954.
Julson, Ben E.US ArmyGraduated June, 1954. Two tours in Vietnam.
Manny, Frank Carl US MarinesGraduated January, 1954. Died 12/20/15.
Moss, Donald JoeUS ArmyGraduated January, 1954. Army-1 year.
Oxley, David WalterUS Marines/Sgt/E5Graduated June, 1954. Died 06/20/04.
Riley, Richard E.US ArmyGraduated June, 1954.
Stout, Stanley GeneUS Navy/SH3Graduated 1954. 54-58. Korea. Died 11/23/04.
Strom, Edwin ThomasUS Army/
1st Lt.
Graduated June, 1954. US Army Natick Lab; 1964-66.
Thomas, Bert HaroldUS Air Force/
Graduated June, 1954. Air Force: 11/58-7/79.
Turner, John BenjaminUS Marine CorpsGraduated January, 1954
Walker, Richard Wayne (Dick)US Navy/Lt.Graduated January, 1954. Died 10/13/14.
Weigle, LynnUS Marine CorpsGraduated August, 1954. US Marines Reserves; 1953-1955. Marines 1955-59. Camp Pendleton, specialized radio tech. Died 05/07/08.
Ashby, Jerry DonahueAir Force ReservesGraduated January, 1955. Died 02/27/10.
Clark, Denny JayUS NavyGraduated June, 1955. Died 03/02/02. Las Vegas, NV.
Clark, Thomas LeeUS ArmyGraduated January, 1955. Korea. Died 03/20/08.
Craig, Guy LamarUS Air ForceGED in 1955. Left North High early.
Erickson, Charles BirdetteIowa Nat'l GuardGraduated June, 1955. Died 07/02/11.
Frank, Richard LewisUS Naval ReservesGraduated June, 1955. Died 09/29/12.
Greenwood, Thomas FrankxGraduated June, 1955. Vietnam.
Lyons, Clyde E.xGraduated June, 1955. Vietnam.
McCracken, Sylvester LindsayxGraduated August, 1955. 19 months of service
Mulanix, Thomas CecilUS ArmyGraduated August, 1955. Korea. Died 03/09/13.
Poundstone, Jerald BeymerUS Army/SPSGraduated June, 1955. Died 11/12/98.
Schneider, Jon RayxGraduated June, 1955. Vietnam.
Smith, GaryUS Air ForceEight years of military service.
Smith, Wardell CaesarUS Army/MajorGraduated January, 1955. Two tours in Vietnam.
Carlisle, Craig IrwinUS MarinesGraduated June, 1956.
Cole, Jerry LloydUS NavyGraduated June, 1956. Vietnam
Frazier, James SchillerUS MarinesGraduated January, 1956. Four years.
Kaupp, Karl DennisUS Marines Graduated June, 1956
Lundy, Virgil HaroldUS NavyGraduated August, 1956. Died 03/30/17.
Martin, Adrian LeroyUS MarinesGraduated June, 1956. Marines 1956-1958. Died 05/01/01.
Mullin, Robert EugeneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1956. Army: two years in Germany.
Newell, Donald LeeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1956.
Poulson, Ronald Edward US Marines/CplGraduated June, 1956. Died 09/19/03.
Pravlis, PetrosUS Army/E6Graduated January, 1956. 4th Armored Division in Germany.
Smith, Alfred Charles, Jr.US MarinesGraduated June, 1956.
Wonders, Michael Lloyd US ArmyGraduated June, 1956. Died 01/25/17.
Beadle, Terry ErnestUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1957
Knight, Jay FranklinUS NavyGraduated June, 1957
Lang, Edward OranUS NavyGraduated June, 1957
Leazer, Stephen Deane US Air Force/SSgtGraduated June, 1957. Eight years. Air Force and Marine Corps liaison
Lofquist, Michael LeroyUS Navy/LTJGGraduated June, 1957. Died 01/12/98
Mehlhorn, William BruceUS NavyGraduated June, 1957
Pike, Charles LeRoy, Jr. US MarinesGraduated June, 1957. Died 04/09/88
Porter, Larry G.US NavyGraduated January, 1957. Died 04/29/15.
Propes, Victor LeeUS Army/PFCGraduated June, 1957. Died 08/14/14.
Stotts, Rex Alva Guy US NavyGraduated June, 1957. Died 06/15/01.
Thornton, Donaldson DuaneUS ArmyGraduated January, 1957. Died 06/24/15.
Thornton, Kenneth PrestonUS Army Graduated January, 1957.
Weathers, Norman LeexGraduated January, 1957. Vietnam.
Vidis, Irvin MartinUS ArmyGraduated January, 1957. Died 05/29/99.
White, Richard NormanUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1957
Wiesner, Douglas WarrenUS Army ReserveGraduated June, 1957. Served in Reserve in 1963. Died 02/14/11.
Worden, James HartleyUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1957. Vietnam
Dabner, Phillip EugeneUS Naval ReserveGraduated June, 1958. Vietnam. Died 07/30/10.
Evans, Floyd LeexGraduated June, 1958. National Guard or Reserve
Ferguson, Robert WarrenUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1958. Vietnam. Died 06/22/12.
Fiscus, Larry RayCM/Sgt., USAFResides in OH.
Glanville, Terrence JohnUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1958. Service: 10/16/62-02/10/63. Died 02/08/09.
Johnson, Robert LeroySgt Mjr.; USMCRetired from US Marine Corps in 1994.
Knode, Stephen LeeUS MarinesGraduated June, 1958. Two tours in Vietnam.
Noyes, Richard OrlandUS ArmyGraduated August, 1958. Vietnam. Died 10/27/16.
Pike, James HowardUS MarinesGraduated June, 1958. Died 02/12/01.
Rowland, Douglas DanielxGraduated June, 1958. IA Military Academy; '64
Steele, Fred CecilIowa National GuardGraduated June, 1958. Died 07/17/15.
Thompson, Brian AugustusUS ArmyGraduated January, 1958. Vietnam. Died 01/14/15.
Weatherington, Ernest NelsxGraduated January, 1958. 18 months service.
Westlund, Warren William xGraduated January, 1958. Vietnam
Adair, Paul WilliamUS Navy;
US Army
Graduated June, 1959. In Navy for four years; 1959-1963. US Army from 1964 to 1987. Vietnam. Retired US Army-28 years in the military.
Brown, Robert TerrancexGraduated January, 1959. Vietnam?
Cook, George HenryUS Navy;YN3Graduated August, 1959. Died 10/31/09.
Dahl, Robert RayUS NavyGraduated June, 1959. Died 03/02/12.

Enabnit, Philip Alan

xGraduated June, 1959. Vietnam?
Gassaway, Robert AllenUS ArmyGraduated June, 1959. Thailand. Died 12/03/13.
Glazer, Melvin LewisUS NavyGraduated June, 1959. US Navy-2 years.
Murano, Frank JosephNational GuardGraduated June, 1959. National Guard-6 years.
Pomeroy, James HowardUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1959. Vietnam? Died 03/10/17.
Potter, Phillip WayneUS ArmyGraduated August, 1959.
Scales, Silas Lee US NavyGraduated June, 1959. Died 12/31/14.
Shepard, Joseph RobertUS ArmyGraduated June, 1959. US Army-6 years.
Tigue, William DavidxGraduated June, 1959. Vietnam?
Walser, Robert HallUS NavyGraduated June, 1959. US Navy-4 years.
Wass, Howard (Howie) LeeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1959. US Army-3 years.
Woolery, Thomas DelbertUS ArmyGraduated June, 1959. Died 02/28/13.
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