North High School Wall of Honor
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World War II: 1939 - 1945
When did World War II begin?
Germany invaded Czechoslovakia on March 13, 1939. The United States entered the war on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941. Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945. Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki, Japan on August 9, 1945. On August 14, 1945, Emperor Hirohito announced the Japan defeat to his people and Japan accepts an unconditional surrender. On September 2, 1945, Japanese Foreign Minister Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the instrument of surrender aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, Japan. End of WW II.
Years of Graduation: 1923-1946
Last Name, First NameBranch, RankAddress
Simpson, Clarence LoringUS Army/Captain May have graduated in January or June, 1922. Quartermaster Corps. Died 11/14/82.
Petty, John Clarence, Jr.US Army/Lt. Col.Graduated June, 1923. IA Nat'l Guard; Tunisia, North Africa. Died 02/12/43.
Barker, William (Bill) E.US Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1924. Army Air Corps. (8th Air Force); 1943-1945. Died 12/07/07.
DeMarce, Nelson AtwaterUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1924. Died 10/21/73.
Toubes, Abraham A.US Army Air ForceGraduated June, 1924. 1942-1946; England and France. Died 10/06/93.
Coultas, Stanley B.US Army Air Corps
Graduated June, 1925. Died 08/12/96. Buried Florida National Cemetery.
Epley, Kenneth IrvinUS NavyGraduated January, 1926. Died 05/10/89.
Garsh, Louis Junknown; US Navy?Graduated June, 1926. Died 01/030/59
Hockenberg, Sheppy SolunknownGraduated June, 1926. Died 12/16/86.
Huncke, Douglas Edward US ArmyGraduated January, 1926. Died 01/09/01.
Ketman, Henry JamesUS Navy/PhM1cWWII; Guam. Died; 12/08/92.
Scroggs, John R.US ArmyWWII; 1942-1945. Died 10/28/09.
Simpson, Ralph LaurenceUS ArmyGraduated January, 1926. WWII. Battle of Remagen Bridge, Germany. Died 12/16/00.
Brooks, Howard WilsonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1927. Died 02/84.
Eckman, Robert EricUS Army/Lt. Col.Graduated June, 1927. Died 01/18/01.
Evans, William US NavyGraduated January, 1927. Died 08/17/91.
Moore, Donald I.US NavyGraduated June, 1927. WWII. Died 04/30/98.
Doolittle, Lionel Eugene US NavyGraduated January, 1928. Died 10/20/90.
Dotson, Ernest L. US NavyGraduated January, 1928. Died 03/14/88.
Grund, Carl CoppleUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1928. Died 1962.
Hull, Clayton C.xGraduated January, 1928. Died 05/14/96.
Hull, Clifford C.US Army Air CorpsGraduated January, 1928. Died 03/01/91.
Sheil, Luke EdwardUS ArmyGraduated January, 1928. Died 10/10/72.
Stewart, Donald H.US ArmyGraduated January, 1928. Died 11/29/06.
Alden, Frederick G.USAF/Col.Graduated June, 1929. Died 1997.
Balthis, BertramUS ArmyGraduated June, 1929. Died 06/08/86.
Cebuhar, Frank J.

US Army

Graduated June, 1929. Died 10/13/95.
Cleveland, Max OliverUS NavyGraduated June, 1929. Died 08/01/99.
Collinson, William HowardUS ArmyGraduated June, 1929.
Corn, Henry HermanUS Army
Medical Corps
Graduated June, 1929. St. Louis; New Caledonia; Guadalcanal. Died 12/10/13.
Deuben, Charles EdwardUS Army
Medical Corps
Graduated January, 1929. Died 11/15/81.
Epstein, Joseph F.US ArmyGraduated June, 1929. Died 10/13/92.
Giegold, John G.US Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1929. Died 10/03/90.
McGowan, William JosephUS NavyGraduated June, 1929. Died 09/15/76.
Perkins, Inman LawrenceSgt/DNBGraduated June, 1929. Service No. 37386474. Died 07/06/44; Italy.
Pottinger, Roy D.US ArmyGraduated June, 1929. Died 03/80.
Riegelman, Ralph H.US ArmyGraduated June, 1929. Died 10/21/83.
Stone, Wilfred H.US Navy/CPOGraduated January, 1929. Chief Petty Officer, USS Ranger/MIT. Deceased 12/22/06.
Vidis, Yale Yoel WiduskaUS Army/CplGraduated June, 1929. Died 01/15/01.
Wertsch, Rudolph F.US ArmyGraduated June, 1929. Died 06/87.
Barsetti, Faustino A.UnkEnlisted 03/04/42. Discharged 01/25/46. Died 10/22/70.
Graves, Charles PhillipUS Army/Tec4Graduated January, 1930. Died 07/08/57.
McCombs, Dale E.US ArmyEnlisted 12/28/42; Camp Dodge, IA. WWII. France, England. Discharged 1946. Deceased 08/13/07.
Naab, Joseph William, Jr.US Coast Guard/
Graduated June, 1930. Died 12/12/80; Brunswick., ME
Reeck, Louis JamesUS NavyGraduated June, 1930. Pacific Theater during WWII. Deceased 08/07/06.
Anderson, Edwin GeraldUS NavyGraduated January, 1931.
Bussey, Arthur Garfield "Gar"US Army/SGTWould have graduated January, 1931. Died 02/01/05.
Hammer, Marion DeForrest US NavyGraduated June, 1931. Died 10/29/72.
Kondes, Peter JamesUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1931. Enlisted 12/02/43. Signal Corp, WWII, Shanghai, Calcutta. Deceased 05/19/07.
McDonald, Graydon LeRoy US ArmyGraduated June, 1931. Died 01/17/91.
Scroggs, Herbert E.US ArmyGraduated June, 1931. Drafted in 1940. Released, then recalled after Pearl Harbor for the duration of WWII. Died 03/16/01.
Stewart, Kenneth A.US NavyGraduated January, 1931. Died 05/22/93.
Barr, Aven LeexGraduated January, 1932. Died 01/87.
Brundage, Harvey E.US ArmyGraduated June, 1932. Died 12/06/83.
Earl, Robert J.US NavyGraduated January, 1932. Died 03/28/77.
Elder, Stewart WhitehillUS NavyGraduated January, 1932. Died 05/25/92.
Emery, Donald BernardUS Navy/LT (j.g.)Graduated June, 1932. Died. 10/15/07.
Enabnit, Mayer SterlingUS NavyGraduated June, 1932. Died 05/19/99.
Evans, Robert DeanUS ArmyGraduated January, 1932. Died 04/01/93.
Gambrel, Leo ElmerUS Navy/S1CGraduated June, 1932. Died 01/02/77.
Guise, Benjamin I.US ArmyGraduated June, 1932. Died 03/04/99.
House, Thomas HamiltonUS Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932. Died 04/09/92.
Hutchins, Robert Dale, Jr. US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932. Died 06/10/80.
Irvin, James Richard (Dick)US Army/1st Lt.Graduated June, 1932. Died 08/19/08.
Johnson, Leonard L.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932.
Leseney, Donald F.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932. Died 06/09/90.
Lorey, Charles HerbertUS NavyGraduated January, 1932. Died 12/12/85.
Malum, Donald N.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932. Died 03/12/74.
Mason, Julien GilbertUS Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932. Died 08/82.
McCombs, Dale E.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932. Died 08/13/07.
Patten, Ralston E.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932. Died 10/05/05.
Perkins, Harlan E.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932. Died 11/29/03.
Reynolds, Carroll WalterUS Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932. Died 08/68.
Shaw, Granville C.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932.
Walker, Sheldon Allen, Dr.US Army/MajorGraduated June, 1932. Two years; Korea. Died 05/13/07.
Wallace, Robert RossUS NavyGraduated June, 1932. Died 07/03/95.
White, Irvin LeoUS Army/PVTGraduated January, 1932. Died 09/12/95.
Woodruff, Joseph L.US Army Air CorpsGraduated January, 1932.
Zarchy, Alexander C.US Army/MjrGraduated June, 1932. 0-385888. Died 12/68.
Zarnow, Ralph GeraldUS ArmyGraduated June, 1932. WWII. Died 03/20/97.
Bassman, RubenxGraduated January, 1933. Died 03/15/02.
Baughman, John J. "Jack"US Coast Guard/
Graduated August, 1933. Died 01/08/89. Arlington National Cemetery.
Borrud, Einar E.US Army/CAPTGraduated June, 1933. Died 06/25/00.
Brafford, Clifford MiltonUS NavyGraduated January, 1933. Died 01/03/13.
Bridenstine, Charles BurdetteUS ArmyGraduated June, 1933. Died 05/27/10.
Burr, Francis PaulUS NavyGraduated August, 1933. Died 01/21/85.
Chrenen, RaymondUS Army/SgtGraduated June, 1933. Died 03/04/02.
Christian, John R.US Army/CPLGraduated June, 1933. Died 03/05/1994.
Clevenger, Wayne FosterUS NavyGraduated January, 1933. Died 06/18/80.
Conklin, Loren BlairUS ArmyGraduated June, 1933. Died 05/04/80.
Coppola, Joseph M.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 04/09/98.
Crawford, William R.US Army Air Corps/CPLGraduated January, 1933. Died 08/11/92.
Crowell, Dale DwightUS Marines/Cpl. Graduated January, 1933. KIA on Guadalcanal; 10/16/42.
Darland, Dale M.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 10/16/88.
Dennis, Harry WilliamUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 12/13/65.
Duffy, John (Jack) F.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933.
Dwyer, Richard W.xGraduated June, 1933. Died 02/20/75.
Fullenwider, Keith MerleUS NavyGraduated June, 1933. Died 01/28/86.
Gray, Basil H.US Army/PVTGraduation January, 1933. Died 06/03/00.
Grooms, George V.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 02/06/99.
Gross, EskilUS NavyGraduated June, 1933. Died 07/09/95.
Hammer, J. WadeUS Navy/SeabeesGraduated June, 1933.
Herring, Clyde EdselUS Army/
Capt or Lt
Graduated August, 1933. 1943: POW in Tunisia until May, 1945 in various POW camps.
Hinds, Gerald NevenUS ArmyGraduated June, 1933. Died 10/29/94.
Holland Perry R.US Army Air Corps/
Graduated August, 1933.
Jacobsen, Clarence HenryUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 11/03/89.
Jacobson, Robert LouisUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 12/83.
Jaquinta, Kathryn (Fleming)US Army; WACSGraduated June, 1933. Died 04/17/03.
Kemp, Lee O., Jr.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 02/85.
Larsh, Joseph RockwellUS Army/SSgtGraduated June, 1933. Died 12/30/95. Arlington National Cemetery
Lichty, AllanUS ArmyGraduated June, 1933. Died 12/23/98.
Linn, Floyd WilliamUS NavyGraduated June, 1933. Died 03/04/91.
Maine, James S.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 06/04/95.
Mains, Leland E.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1933. Died 03/81.
McCollom, Raymond L.US NavyGraduated August, 1933. Died 03/20/90.
Moscow, MichaelxGraduated June, 1933. Died 07/08/95.
Mueller, Harry J.US Army/PVTGraduated August, 1933. Died 10/76.
Nugent, Theodore LukexGraduated January, 1933. Died 09/22/75.
Oehlert, Emmett MarionUS Air Force/PVTGraduated January, 1933. Died 11/12/01. Air Force or Navy?
Parker, Robert W.US Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1933. Died 11/75.
Povall, Lester DaleUS NavyGraduated January, 1933. Died 08/22/84.
Regan, George R.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1933. Died 12/20/88.
Rhoads, Leonard A.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1933. Died 05/17/94.
Rollins, Harley DonaldxGraduated August, 1933. Died 06/12/86.
Scott, Donald R.US ArmyGraduated June, 1933. Died 06/28/11.
Shebeck, George E.xGraduated June, 1933. Died 04/23/70.
Sherman, Howard KeithUS NavyGraduated January, 1933. Died 12/17/00.
Stubbs, Raymond WilcoxUS Army/1stLtGraduated June, 1933. Died 01/30/03.
Swanson, CliffordUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933.
Swartz, Leo R.US ArmyGraduated June, 1933. Died 04/14/95.
Tolchinsky, JuliusUS ArmyGraduated January, 1933. Died 11/12/82.
Trisler, Louie E.US Army/PVTGraduated August, 1933. Died 05/29/87.
Turner, Raymond B.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1933. No. 37695414. KIA. Died 11/18/44.
Valdez, Isidro de VeeraUS Army/MSgt.Graduated August, 1933. Died 04/08/04.
Webster, Ralph B.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 04/77.
Weir, Mahlon A.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 10/02/87.
Whetsel, Henry WilliamUS Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1933. Died 07/23/04.
Whitmore, Jack ErvinUS Army/TEC5Graduated January, 1933, Died 02/26/66.
Wilmot, Harry LewisUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1933. Died 10/16/90.
Yengst, Craig McClureUS ArmyGraduated June, 1933. Died 10/01/02.
Zimmerli, Frederick StanleyUS Air Force/2ndLtGraduated January, 1933. MIA. Died 11/16/44.
Zohbon, Joseph P.US NavyGraduated June, 1933. LST 172.
Armington, Laurence WilburUS ArmyGraduated January, 1934. Died 03/25/87.
Bailey, Bernard O.US ArmyGraduated January, 1934. Died 03/22/81.
Brockmeier, Allen WayneUS NavyGraduated January, 1934. Died 11/02/1996.
Bumpilori, Ralph AugustUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1934. Died 09/30/03.
Chase, Hubert HendricksUS Navy/CaptainGraduated June, 1934. WWII. Died 06/25/09.
Deuben, Ralph HaroldUS Army Air CorpsGraduated January, 1934. Died 08/80.
Feeley, Fernando FrancisUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1934. Died 12/08/08.
Flatley, Dan H.US Army/SSgt.Graduated January, 1934. Died 05/28/75.
Graves, Morton RobertUS Navy/END3Graduated January, 1934. Died 03/16/99.
Grubb, Robert W.US ArmyGraduated June, 1934. Died 10/15/10.
Hart, Bernard C.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1934. Died 10/85.
Hatch, Donald B.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1934. Died 05/13/78.
Hyde, Robert NelsonUS Army/MajorGraduated June, 1934. Died 02/19/14.
Ireland, Howard JamesUS Navy/
Radio Tech 1st Class
Graduated June, 1934. Died 08/21/08.
Kienast, Lon G.US Army/CorporalGraduated June, 1934. WWII. Died 03/03/09.
Knecht, Kenneth ErnestUS ArmyGraduated January, 1934. Died 01/26/98.
Lassaux, Crandall CarlUS NavyGraduated January, 1934. Died 03/16/05.
Lemke, George HalsyUS Army/PVTGraduated January, 1934. Died 01/17/77.
Lyle, James E.US ArmyGraduated June, 1934. Died 12/70.
McGlothlen, George BentonUS Army/PVTGraduation January, 1934. Died 01/14/99.
McLaughlin, Wendell WestUS ArmyGraduation January, 1934. Died 03/28/78.
Pendarvis, Everett HoustonUS Army/Sgt.Graduated June, 1934. Korea. Died 07/20/50.
Robinson, George W., Jr.US NavyGraduated June, 1934. Service: 1944-1946.
Ahern, James (Jimmie) Joseph US NavyGraduated 1935. Served three years WWII. Died 11/18/04.

Anderson, Robert Paul

US Army/ 1st Lt.Graduated June, 1935. Died 02/26/44.
Augustine, Robert RezinUS ArmyGraduated January, 1935. Died 12/02/07.
Baker, Carl F.US ArmyGraduated June, 1935. Died 11/14/03.
Barnes, Russell L (or P.?)US Army/Sgt.Graduated January, 1935. Died 05/18/83.
Bray, George LeonardUS ArmyGraduated June, 1935. Died 01/29/92.
Crotinger, Howard B.US ArmyGraduated January, 1935. Signal Corps. Photo/journalist. Died 09/14/07.
Dengle, Frederick WilliamUS NavyGraduated June, 1935. Died 11/24/72.
Dennis Lawrence "Lorney" EmilUS ArmyGraduated January, 1935. WWII. North Africa, Italy, France. Died 08/01/07.
Devine, Galyn AubreyUS NavyGraduated January, 1935. Died 06/06/98.
DeWitt, Earl ElmerUS NavyGraduated August, 1935. WWII. Died 03/20/08.
Ellett, Dean HughesUS ArmyGraduated January, 1935. Died 11/10/71.
Epperly, James T.US ArmyGraduated January, 1935. WWII. Died 01/08/06.
Fletcher, Charles Earle, Sr. US ArmyGraduated June, 1935. Among first unit landed in occupied Japan in WWII. Died 04/05/09.
Glass, Oscar L.US Army/ PVTGraduated January, 1935. Died 01/30/88.
Gordon, Robert DonaldxGraduated January, 1935. Died 01/24/06.
Grubb, John R.xAttended. Died 12/07/03.
Hatcher, Donald CummingsUS Navy/S1Graduated June, 1935. Died 02/28/93.
Heap, George HaroldUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1935. US 5th Air Force. Legion of Merit. Died 02/10/07.
Holland, Earl CharlesUS ArmyGraduated January, 1935. Died 07/21/07.
Howard, Earl Spencer, Jr. US Army
Air Corps/1st Lt.
Graduated January, 1935. Died 02/12/96.
Huse, Irvin L., Sr.US Army/PVTGraduated January, 1935. Died 03/06/95.
Imes, James KennethUS Army/PFCGraduated June, 1935. Cavalry. Died 02/15/00.
Jaquinta, John SundayUS Army/PVTGraduated January, 1935. Died 06/19/78.
Kappler, Richard M.US Army/Capt.Graduated June, 1935. Died 01/18/99.
McCauley, Robert JohnUS Army/1st Lt.Graduated June, 1935. Died 08/30/97.
McClurg, William H.US ArmyGraduated June, 1935. Died 06/13/07.
McNeley, Roland EugeneUS NavyGraduated June, 1935. Died 06/02/87.
Medd, Duane RichardUS Army/TSgtGraduated June, 1935. Died 06/13/95.
Melone, James E.US Army/ TSgtGraduated June, 1935. Died 08/03/05.
Merritt, Ray M.US Coast GuardGraduated January, 1935. Died 05/13/11.
Meyer, Corliss HarlanUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1935. Died 12/08/91.
Mitchell, George WilliamUS Army/ 1st LtGraduated January, 1935. Died 12/15/93.
Neswold, Robert KennethUS Army/PVTGraduated January, 1935. Died 03/10/92.
Parks, Garold L.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1935. Died 08/30/96.
Pedersen, Harold LouisUS Army/MSgtGraduated January, 1935. Died: 04/27/09; Rockford, IL
Peterson, Jennings Marion1st Lt./DNBGraduated June, 1935. Died Clark Field, Luzon Island, Philippines; May 5, 1945. Service No. 0-804972.
Plummer, Daniel EdwinPrivate/DNBGraduated June, 1935. Died Nonbattle. May 23, 1942. Service No. 6935936
Poffinbarger, Paul WoodrowUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1935. Died 01/82.
Razor, Richard W.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1935. Died 08/14/90.
Rudasill, George C.US Army/PVTNo confirmation he graduated from North, but presumably he attended. Died 02/26/08.
Schaefer, Gordon C.US Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1935. Died 11/15/04.
Sharr, Harold EugeneUS NavyGraduated June, 1935. Died 07/05/01.
Shiffler, Harold ClarenceUS ArmyGraduated June, 1935. Died 11/08/97.
Silletto, John F.US ArmyGraduated June, 1935? Died 10/31/93.
Smalley, Winford RichardUS Army/SSgt.Graduated June, 1935. Died Finding of Death; Gelsenkirchen, Germany; August 12, 1943
Smith, Paul W.US NavyGraduated June, 1935. Died 12/01/07.
Sonderleiter, WayneUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1935. Died 06/23/90.
Statton, Wallace GreeleyMMM 1st ClassGraduated January, 1935. Died January 12, 1945
Stewart, John CliffordUS NavyGraduated June, 1935. Died 01/19/92.
Stiles, Hugh DeanUS ArmyGraduated June, 1935. Died 12/11/83.
Stillwell, Max E.US NavyGraduated January, 1935. Died 06/05/82.
Strait, Wilbur H.US Army/Sgt.Graduated August, 1935. Died 11/82.
Strom, Norman EdwinUS ArmyGraduated June, 1935. Died 03/23/05.
Vance, Arlington ErnestUS ArmyGraduated June, 1935. Died 04/80.
Van Cleave, Leo DeanUS Army/PVTGraduated January, 1935. Died 04/06/89.
Waller, Alan BernardUS Army/Graduated June, 1935. Died 10/74.
Watters, Hugh StromertUS Army Dental Corps.Graduated August, 1935. Pacific Theater. Died 02/17/10.
Wellen, Fred HenryUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1935. Died 08/28/88,
Wells, Russell M.US Army/PVTGraduated August, 1935. Died 06/22/01.
Wheeler, Jerome G.USArmyGraduated August, 1935. Died 09/16/02.
Winnick, HymanUS ArmyGraduated June, 1935. Died 07/11/88.
Youngberg, Dale MiloUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1935. Died 11/09/94.
Balanoff, Morris LeoUS ArmyGraduated January, 1936. Died 08/15/09.
Banta, Keith DarrellUS Navy/CPOGraduated January, 1936. Chief Petty Officer. Dischareged 10/23/45. Deceased 08/23/06.
Boyce, Donald GuyUS Navy/S1Graduated June, 1936. Died.
Brunia, FrankUS NavyLeft school at 11th grade to join Navy. South Pacific in WWII. Died 06/04/10.
Dengle, Sydney HenryUS Army Air Force/
Graduated June, 1936. WWII. POW. Europe. Died 08/14/14.
Flatley, James C., Jr.US Navy/LCDRGraduated January, 1936. Died 09/03/05.
Fleming, Ward WrightVetGraduated June, 1936. WWII honorable discharge. Died 11/26/05.
Fox, Woodrow JamesUS ArmyGraduated GED following June, 1936. Died 01/04/93.
Hatch, Raymond F.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1936. Died 2005.
Kephart, Charles Berry, Jr.Graduated June, 1936. Died 07/11/85.
Kirby, Sidney MaxwellVetGraduated January, 1936. Died 11/06/09.
Layman, George HerderUS Army/DNBGraduated January, 1936. Died in line of duty; March 1, 1942. Died; Nonbattle.
Nelson, Craig MerrillPrivateQuartermasters, European Theater. Died in line of duty. Died; Nonbattle
Norman, Wilbur FrankUS ArmyGraduated January, 1936. Died. 01/03/96; Omaha, NE
O'Hara, Leonard WilliamxGraduated June, 1936? Died in England, 09/16/42. Pilot officer, Royal Air Force Volunteer.
Pearlman, Joseph HenryUS Air Force/MajorGraduataed January, 1936. Died 08/01/09.
Reeck, Fred ArthurUS Army/Tec3Graduated January, 1936. Died 09/02/11.
Riggs, Andrew J.xGraduated January, 1936. Died 11/04/03.
Rissman, Abraham "Abe" AlanArmy Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1936. Died 05/14/14.
Robb, Weldon EdwardUS NavyGraduated June, 1936. Died 03/11/85.
Royal, Lewis ArmstrongUS Navy (Lt.j.g.)Graduated January, 1936. WWII. Died 09/28/08.
Stone, Edward S.Lt./ FOD549th Bomber Squadron, 385th Bomber Group, Great Ashfield, England
Died during bombing mission August 15, 1943. Reported as Missing in Action. Death eventually reported as Finding of Death. Service No. 0-733745
Welch, Edwin SimmonsUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1936. Died 01/29/10.
Yeglin, DavidUS ArmyGraduated June, 1936. Philippines. Died 03/02/2000.
Acuff, Earl ClydeUS Army
Graduated January, 1937. WWII, Korea, Vietnam. Three Infantryman Badges. Alaska Scouts.
Beasley, Andrew H.US Army/CPLGraduated June, 1937. Died 10/14/10.
Beers, Robert G.US NavyGraduated January, 1937. Died 03/06/06.
Beisser, Edward JamesUS ArmyGraduated June, 1937. Died 10/07/00.
Branaum, Edwin WileyUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1937. Died 03/02/09.
Burford, Thomas RichardUS Coast GuardGraduated January, 1937. Died 02/19/05.
Burr, Richard Harford1st Lt./KIAGraduated January, 1937. Survived Bataan Death March.
Bussey, Catherine Elizabeth
US WavesGraduated January, 1937. WAVES=Women Acccepted for Voluntary Military Service. Died 01/10/06.
Dutcher, Lawrence J.US NavyGraduated 1937. Chief Pharmacist Mate, USS Munargo. Discharged November, 1945. Deceased: 08/20/07.
Farson, Frank PriceUS Army/SSgtGraduated January, 1937. Died 06/03/01.
Feeley, Joseph MichaelUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1937. Died 11/10/89.
Fox, Wayne FranklinUS Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1937. Captain. European and Pacific Theaters. Died 06/19/08.
Francis, Donald I.AV Cadet/DNBGraduated January, 1937.
Friedman, Morrey J.US Army Air Corps/
Graduated January, 1937.
Ginder, Arthur R.US Army/
Graduated June, 1937. Service No. 17032855. KIA.
Ginsberg, Joseph A.US ArmyGraduated January, 1937. Battle of the Bulge. Bronze Star. Died 12/20/01.
Goodwin, Harold G.1st Lt./DNBGraduated June, 1937.
Grund, HermanUS Army/Tec5Graduated January, 1937. Died 11/05/11.
Hagen, Edward M.US NavyGraduated June, 1937. Navy flyer. Died 05/17/95.
Holmes, Frank S.US Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1937. Died 08/03/97.
Iverson, Robert (Bob) C. US Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1937. Died abt 11/05.
Kiddee, Darrell ArthurUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1937. Bombadier/15 combat missions/England. Died 03/11/97.
Lappen, Chester IrwinUS ArmyGraduated January, 1937. Died 12/18/10.
Ludtke, Geraldine Lucille (Butts)US Marines/SSgtGraduated June, 1937. Died 03/12/10.
McConnell, James ClintonUS ArmyGraduated January, 1937. WWII, FBI. Died 03/22/10.
Nance, Frederick S., Jr.US Army Corps of
Graduated January, 1937. WWII, Korea.
Powers, Donald S.US Navy/Capt.Graduated June, 1937. WWI; Caribbean and Pacific; Korea. 21 years in Navy Reserve; Captain. Died 10/05/07.
Reins, Robert L.US NavyGraduated June, 1937. Fighter pilot. WWII. Pacific Theater
Robertson, Delbert LynnUS NavyWould have graduated June, 1937. Pacific Theater. Died 12/10/96.
Rubenstein, BurrellUS Army/PVTGraduated January, 1937. Died 03/16/09.
Smith, Robert BernardLt. (jg), USNRGraduated January, 1937. Died December 7, 1944/Philippines.
Songer, Donald E.US Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1937.
Stewart, Frederick HendersonUS Navy/1st Lt.Graduated January, 1937. Died 04/19/15.
Sutherland, Glenn RichardUS NavyGraduated June, 1937. Died 07/31/10.
Zavat, MarvinUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1937.
Ahlgren, Carl RobertUS NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 02/67.
Allen, Dudley JuniorUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1938. Died 07/27/89.
Ambos, William GlenUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1938. Died 10/27/07.
Andrew, Robert JamesUS NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 08/18/96.
Armington, Kenneth ReadxGraduated June, 1938.
Austin, Bide BenningtonUS NavyGraduated January, 1938. Iowa Nat'l Guard; US Navy. Died 05/14/09.
Bailey, Chauncey WendellUS ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Died 12/26/16.
Bash, Gerald EugeneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Died 09/28/96.
Bassman, David S.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938. Deceased 01/03/07.
Beard, Ted FosterxGraduated June, 1938. Died 03/75.
Bentler, Glenn C.US ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Died 02/12/06.
Bernstein, Bernard AlvinUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1938. Aviation Cadet.
Black, Beryl JosephUS Navy. Lt.(j.g.)Graduated January, 1938. Navigator. 1943-1946. Deceased 03/05/09.
Bollen, Mervin DaleUS Army Air Corps
Graduated January, 1938.
Boots, Jack R.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938. Parents: William Boots, 811 Shawnee, DM. Died 11/29/92.
Bowlsby, Richard EveretteUS ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Died 02/14/84.
Brace, Frank OrsenxGraduated January, 1938. Died 06/06/76.
Braklow, Jeanne Elizabeth (McKee) US NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 09/01/09.
Brockett, Paul ArthurUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1938. Died 03/13/02.
Brown, Philip David US Coast GuardGraduated January, 1938. Died 10/23/99.
Burch, Gerald ClaytonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Died 12/10/91.
Burr, William GlennUS Army/
Graduated January, 1938. Service No. 20704426
Clipson, Robert LeeUS NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 03/28/85.
Cobbs, Gordon RaymonUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1938. Died 12/09/96.
Cunningham, Ira HaroldUS Army Air Corps
Graduated January, 1938. Died 07/74.
Current, Darrell KentUS Army/
Nat'l Guard
Graduated June, 1938.
Dacus, Calvin ThomasUS Air Force/
Graduated June, 1938. Died 06/30/83.
Davis, EmanuelUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938. Died 11/84.
Davis, George MerrillUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938. Died 11/05/92.
DeCarlo, Harry L.US Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1938. Died 01/04/13.
DeHaan, PaulUS NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 04/14/96.
Dennis, Otto BernardUS Marine CorpsGraduated January, 1938. Died 10/17/13.
Dew, Donald EarlUS NavyGraduated June, 1938. South Pacific. Died 03/14/11.
Dockstader, Wilbur (Bill)US NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 04/11/94.
Donhowe, Robert M.US Navy/
Chief Petty Officer
Graduated June, 1938. Died 02/20/08.
Dorland, Howard J.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938.
Dunn, Willard GlennUS Army Air Corps/
2nd Lt
Graduated January, 1938. Parents: Elmer Dunn, 151 E. Madison, DM. Died 01/22/43
East, Robert VailUS Army Air Corps/
Graduated August, 1938.
Eittreim, Robert Duane US Army Air CorpsGuaduated June, 1938. Died 09/29/90.
Feeley, Vincent M.US Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1938. Died 01/10/00.
Feise, Kenneth GustaveUS ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Died 10/23/91.
Finckbone, Harold JamesUS NavyGraduated August, 1938. Died 03/02/92.
Fisch, Zane JosephUS Army/PVTGraduated January, 1938. Died 02/03/90.
Forrest, ElmoreUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1938. Died 08/11/00.
Fraction, Carl H.US Air ForceGraduated January, 1938. Died 03/17/00.
Gear, Vincent ReynoldsUS NavyGraduated June, 1938; Died 06/17/11.
Goss, Robert NicholsUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1938. Communications Officer. Died 01/21/97.
Gray, Richard WarrenUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1938. Died 11/28/93.
Gunion, Lyle BurtonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Died 08/07/90.
Hamlin, Charles EdwinUS ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Died 03/12/08.
Harlan, Edgar RobertUS Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1938.
Hart, Paul Randolph EugeneUS ArmyGraduarted June, 1938. Died 04/14/98.
Heinig, Hubert H.US ArmyGraduated August, 1938. Died 05/29/83.
Hetherington, Robert MerleUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938. Died 01/87.
Higbie, Howard LloydUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938. Died 03/30/83.
Howard, Donald MartinUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938.
Hurlbert, Richard StantonUS Army; US NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 01/04/81.
Huston, Darrell D.US Air ForceGraduated June, 1938.
Johnson, Alfred ArnoldUS Army ReserveGraduated June, 1938. Died 2004.
Johnson, Jack DonaldUS ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Died 11/03/89.
Jones, John Robert "Jack"US NavyGraduated June, 1938.
Jones, Robert KeatingUS ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Died 09/25/97.
Kakos, Spedo GeorgeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Died 09/85.
Karaidos, James GeorgeUS Army/TSgtGraduated June, 1938. Died 11/03/83.
Kardon, Harold EdwardxGraduated June, 1938. Died 11/02/79.
Keffer, Karl KayUS Marine CorpsGraduated January, 1938. Died 07/21/10.
Korte, Milton DeWittUS Navy SeabeesGraduated June, 1938. Died 08/04/07.
Krell, Philip ThurmanUS NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 07/18/75.
Leseney, Emmett DeArmondUS ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Died 11/27/90.
Lounsbury, Perry WilliamxGraduated June, 1938. Died 02/16/86.
Martin, Harold DennisonUS NavyGraduated January, 1938. Died 06/17/88.
Massman, Bob DelmarUS NavyGraduated January, 1938. Died 10/01/02.
Masters, EdwardUS ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Died 11/29/96.
Mazzo, Frank P.US ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Died 07/07/77.
McClintic, Kenneth DaleUS ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Died 11/18/92.
McClure, John HowardUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1938. Died 10/11/06.
McGuire, Carlton LowryUS ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Died 11/03/00.
Miller, Russell FlynnUS ArmyGraduated June, 1938. Paratrooper.
Moss, John EllwoodUS ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Died 09/07/98.
Myers, Merrill MaitlandUS NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 11/09/06.
Nish, John W.US ArmyGraduated January, 1938.
Palandri, August A.US Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938. Died 09/21/88.
Pearl, MiltonUS Marine Corps/
Graduated January, 1938. Died 10/30/13.
Pershing, Robert LelandUS ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Died 09/22/88.
Pyle, Quentin OttoUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1938. Died 06/12/12.
Sacco, GaryUS ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Served 4 years w/5th Army. North Africa, Italy. Deceased 11/02/08.
Sams, Arthur RobertUS Army/
Graduated January, 1938. Service No. 37445592. Died: FOD.
Sauerman, Charles FredrickUS NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 07/13/96.
Schatz, SheldonUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1938. Died 11/19/04.
Shaw, Donald EdwardNational Guard/PFCGraduated January, 1938. Died 08/15/02.
Shaw, Thomas C.US Marine Corp
Graduated June, 1938. Died 02/15/91.
Smith, Carlyle J.US ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Died 04/26/04.
Smith, Casper R.PilotGraduated January, 1938.
Snow, Keith Robert


Graduated August, 1938. Died 03/09/03.
Snyder, George FreelandUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938. Died 05/25/11.
Spencer, Ronald L.US Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1938. Died 11/20/06.
Sprague, Frank D.US Army/
1st Lt. /FOD
Graduated June, 1938. Service No. 0-725319. Died: FOD.
Spurgin, Jack CurtisUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1938.
Stenoish, John FranklinUS Coast Guard/
Graduated June, 1938. Died 02/27/13.
Storey, Norman RalphUS NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 12/74.
Stowe, Douglas WilliamUS NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 03/25/08.
Van Horn, Benton H.1st LT. Died POWGraduated January, 1938. Parents: V.H. Van Horn, 1410 12th St., DM. Taken to Tokai Military Command. Executed in the forest of Akatsu-cho- Seto city on 06/28/45.
Vittetoe, Thomas H.US NavyGraduated June, 1938. Died 06/26/88.
Walter, WilliamPilotGraduated June, 1938. Died 01/12/09.
Warren, Ralph Powers1st Lt./DNBGraduated January, 1938. Service No. 0-751218. Plane crashed over Kwajalein Atoll on September 5, 1945. Parents: M/M Wayne Warren, 3006 Bowdoin, Des Moines
Weesner, JamesSignal CorpsGraduated June, 1938.
Wellen, Melvin, Sr.US ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Served in Pacific Theater. Deceased 04/22/08.
White, William ConradUS NavyGraduated January, 1938. Died 08/25/96.
Wilcox, Lawrence R.US NavyGraduated June, 1938.
Williams William FrankUS NavyGraduated June, 1938.
Witzel, John EdwinUS ArmyGraduated January, 1938. Died 06/04/03.
Wood, Charles Frank, Sr.US ArmyWould have graduated in 1938. Died 10/87.
Woodford, Alva DeanUS Army/
US Air Force
Graduated June, 1938.
Wright, John "Otis"US ArmyGraduated June, 1938.
Abraham, Bruce H.xGraduated January, 1939. Died 05/13/98.
Albach, Herbert CliftonUS ArmyGraduated January, 1939. Died 12/19/01.
Anderson, Earl E.US Army/SSgtGraduated June, 1939. Died 11/04/09.
Benson, Marion ArnoldUS Army Air Corps/
1st Lt
Graduated June, 1939. 0-806035. Pilot killed in European Theater; 06/17/44.
Billings, Joseph AndrewUS Army Air Corps/
Service No. 0700898. Next of kin shown at 2620 35th, Des Moines, IA. Died 02/05/12.
Broad, Edwin Earnest US ArmyGraduated January, 1939. Died 09/15/89.
Fitch, Ralph Andrew US NavyWould have graduated about 1939. Died 02/25/94.
Fuller, Robert RexUS ArmyGraduated June, 1939. Tank driver/Battle of Bulge; 3rd Armored Division. Died 02/26/10.
Gaekle, George Wilfred, Jr. US Coast Guard;
US Navy
Graduated June, 1939. WWII in Coast Guard. Korea in US Navy. .Died May 24, 2010.
Gibson, James D.US Army Air CorpsGraduated January, 1939. Radio operator and gunner on B17 during WWII. POW for two years. Died 03/21/06.
Gilliland, Franklyn WellsUS Navy/
Lt. JG
Graduated June, 1939. Died 03/23/15.
Hall, John VernonxGraduated January, 1939.
Helvig, Donald FredrickUS NavyGraduated June, 1939. Died 09/12/08.
Hough, Virginia Nell (Phipps)US WavesGraduated June, 1939. Died 05/03/13.
Kissick, Robert L.xGraduated June, 1939. Died 06/15/91.
Kothenbeutel, Charles Edwin xGraduated June, 1939. Supply Depot. Commandos. Died: 01/26/89
Lampman, Leslie Floyd, Jr.US Army/S/Sgt.Graduated June, 1939. Service No. 17003017. Died: FOD
Lindquist, Leonard Leroy
US NavyGraduated June, 1939. Died 04/21/13.
Marlow, James WilliamUS NavyGraduated June, 1939. Died 11/06/12.
McMullen, Fred WilliamUS NavyGraduated June, 1939. Died 09/10/94.
Moorehead, Robert MarshallArmy Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1939. US Army Air Corps/Colonel. Iowa Air National Guard/Brigadier General.. Died 04/28/16.
O'Leary, Harry K.US ArmyGraduated January, 1939. WWII. Died 03/22/06.
Pedersen, Myron EdwardxGraduated June, 1939. Next of kin shown as L.D. Pedersen at 3838 Ninth Street, Des Moines, IA
Scott, Robert RayUS Air Force/
USAF. Died; Tehachapi, CA; 10/03/05. Broke transcontinental speed record in 1955 in F-84F.
Shaffer, Lyle Bryon, Jr.US Army Graduated June, 1939. 349th Field Artillery. Died 10/21/10.
Short, Wilmer DaleUS Coast GuardGraduated June, 1939. WWII. Died 08/10/08.
Webb, Donald EdwardUS Army Graduated January, 1939. WWII. Died 04/09/08.
White, Robert EugeneUS NavyGraduated June, 1939. Died 03/03/13.
Barnes, Lester Byron, Jr.US ArmyGraduated June, 1949. Died 12/14/97.
Bassman, MorrisUS Coast GuardGraduated January, 1940. Radio opertor. Died 10/18/06.
Berlovich, David GeorgeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1940. Died 08/19/07 in Des Moines, IA. Service No.? 34th Infantry; Red Bull
Bessey, Johnene (White)WAVESGraduated, June, 1940.
Bohner, Jack LavereUS Navy/CDRGraduated January, 1940. Died; Pensacola, FL 07/11/08
Boitnott, Monty JoeUS Army, USAFLeft in 1939. Would have graduated in January, 1940. Next of kin at 1331 5th Street, Des Moines, IA. Served in WWII, Korea. Retired; 1973; Master Sgt. Died 04/11/14.
Bowman, James EverettUS Army/Flt. OfficerGraduated June, 1940. Tuskegee Airman. Died 01/13/14.
Brown, Eugene R.US Army/
Graduated June, 1940. Service No. 20704473. Died 12/02/42.
Bullington, Randolph L.2nd Lt./DNBGraduated? Service No. 2066969
Byas, Robert WilliamArmy Air CorpsGraduated , 1940. Died 10/23/12.
Case, Dorothy Irerne (Skiles)WACSGraduated August, 1940. Died 09/20/79.
Case, Robert EarlUS NavyGraduated January, 1940. Died 12/86.
Caudill, George Gray, MD US Navy/
Pharmacist's Mate
Graduated June, 1940. Died 10/20/10.
Dale, Donald EugeneUS Navy/
Seaman 1st Class
Graduated January, 1940. Died 11/30/42.
Dawson, John Joseph (Jack)US Marine CorpsGraduate January, 1940. Died.
DeVinay, Donald R.US Army Air CorpsGraduated January, 1940. Died 09/03/09.
Emerling, Fred, Jr.US Army/
Graduated August, 1940. Deceased. Service No. 20704487.
Emery, Raymond EdwardUS Army/T4;
US Navy Reserve
Graduated January, 1940.
Feeley, Emmon Emmett US Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1940. Died 12/21/06.
Grove, John RichardUS Army/
Graduated June, 1940. Service No. 20744255. Died 11/08/41.
Hancock, Richard Albert HayUS Army/
Graduated June, 1940. Deceased. Service No. 17010674
Hartshorn, Clyde ArthurUS Air Force; Col.Graduated June, 1940. In charge of Clark Field, Manilla.
Hartzer, Charles KennethUS ArmyGraduated June, 1940. Died 09/14/13.
Hawthorne, Robert JoelUS NavyLeft North and graduated from high school in Goshen, IN. Would have graduated from North High in June, 1940.
Hildreth, Donald GeorgeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1940. Died 11/03/11.
Howard, Elmer W.xLeft school to enter service. Would have graduated in January, 1940. Died 04/29/94.
Hutchins, Willard HardingUS NavyGraduated August, 1940. Died 12/26/11.
Ketman, Robert Earl, Jr.Seaman 1st C, USNParents: M/M Robert Earl Ketman, Sr., 1145 19th St., Des Moines, IA. Died or Killed in Prisoner of War Status.
Lindquist, Conrad, Jr.US NavyGraduated January, 1940. Died 10/02/06.
Mason, Jack H.US Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1940. Died 11/10/11.
McDonald, J. ArlissUS Army/Sgt.Graduated June, 1940. Died 09/10/97.
McMullen, Donald CharlesUS NavyGraduated June, 1940.
Moses, Beverly JeanneWAVES/
Co-pilot, AT-11
Graduated June, 1940. Died 07/18/45.
Nemmers, Elizabeth Anne (Riordan)WAVESGraduated June, 1940.
Nichols, William JamesUS Air Force/
1st Lt.
Graduated January, 1940. Died 09/17/10.
O'Connor, Charles, Jr.US Navy/EnsignGraduated January, 1940. WWII. Died 07/04/10.
O'Hare, William Owen, Sr.US Army Air CorpsGraduated January, 1940. Died 06/12/00.
Oliver, Julia JaneWAVESGraduated January, 1940. Died 04/19/44.
Phipps, Gordon DonoldUS Army/1st LtGraduated January, 1940. Deceased. Service 01324484. KIA?
Pilmer, John RobertUS NavyGraduated anuary, 1940. Died 10/31/15.
Press, Hugo IvanxGraduated January, 1940.
Ramsey, Paul AllenUS Army/SgtGraduated June, 1940. Died 10/13/15.
Rank, Doris Jeanne (Phillips)WAVESGraduated June, 1940. Died 09/28/09.
Richardson, Jess J.US Army/MSgt.Would have graduated in June, 1940. Left during 1939.
Walker, Carroll Francis (Bud)US Marine Corps/
Graduated August, 1940. Died 11/23/43. Tarawa. Next of kin at 2608 35th St., Des Moines
Ward, Robert EdwinUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1940. Air Force-2 years.
Wolfe, Jack WoodruffxGraduated January, 1940. Deceased.
Wray, Charlotte VirginiaUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1940. Deceased 04/13/90.
Yeglin, William JackUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1940. Died 08/10/05.
Young, Marion PeterPFC; USMCGraduated June, 1940.
Barnes, David LawrenceUS Coast GuardGraduated June, 1941. Died 05/15/14.
Boller, Donald WayneUS NavyGraduated June, 1941. Died 03/10/12.
Bowlsby, Malcolm ThomasUS Army Air Corps
Graduated, June, 1941. Service No. 19180871 TSgt/DNB
Buihner, Norman EugeneUS Army Air Corps

Graduated June, 1941. European Theater. Korea. Major . Died 06/16/12.

Burch, Darrell JackUS Army/SSgt.Graduated June, 1941. Died 01/19/07.
Burns, Robert JuniorxGraduated June, 1941. WWII. Deceased 11/02/93.
Caldbeck, JimUS MarinesGraduated January, 1941. Died 10/05/15.
Collins, Raymond CharlesUS Army/1st Sgt.Graduated August, 1941. 81st Wildcat Division. Pacific Theater. Died 05/26/10.
DeGan, Earnest Robert (Bob)US Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1941. Died 10/06/13.
Ellett, Duane Walter US Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1941. Died 06/22/87.
Erlandson, David EliasUS ArmyGraduated June, 1941. Died 08/31/13.
Fiscel, Wayne HaroldUS NavyGraduated June, 1941. Died 10/04/13.
Hardaway, Langston, J.B. xGraduated August, 1941. Deceased.
Hickerson, Richard J.US Air ForceGraduated January, 1941. Army aviator killed during WWII.
Hutchins, Narcissa Ellen
US Navy/SPQ3Graduated January, 1941. Died 06/17/98. Buried Arlington National Cemetery.
Johnson, Hugh MitchellUS Army (AUS)Graduated January, 1941.
Jones, Jack RichardUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1941. Died 04/27/16.
Kroloff, DanielUS ArmyGraduated January, 1941. 13th Airborne Division. Died01/03/00.
Lentz, Kenneth EugeneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1941. Three years. Veterans Administration for 28 years.
MacDonald, Delbert ElroyUS ArmyGraduated June, 1941. Signal Corps. Died 06/25/12.
Marchael, Clarence Cardwell (Bud)US Army/1st Sgt.Would have graduated in 1941. Killed in action. 04/23/43.
Miller, Frederic LittletonUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1941. Died 05/11/17.
Morris, Tom HarlanxGraduated June, 1941.
Mortice, Thomas Edgar, Jr.US NavyGraduated August, 1941. Served 2 years. Died: 06/81.
Onnen, Robert LeeUS Army./TecWould have graduated 1941. Died 02/16/09.
Packard, Donald EugeneUS Navy/
Graduated January, 1941. Died 06/15/10.
Press, Robert AlfredUS ArmyGraduated January, 1941. Signal Corps. European Theater; then Pacific Theater.
Preston, Donald WayneUS NavyGraduated June, 1941. Service No. Navy carriers. 3 years in Navy. Died 05/16/15.
Rayner, Ralph ReubenUS Air ForceGraduated 1941. Air Force-6 years.
Saf, Ronald VerdynUS ArmyGraduated June, 1941. WWII. Died 07/10/94.
Shaffer, Wayne MalcolmUS NavyGraduated January, 1941. Died 01/12/10.
Silletto, John ForemanUS ArmyWould have graduated in 1941? B-17 Communications. Died10/31/93.
Spencer, Marylyn Marie (Boland)SPARS
US Women's Coast Guard Reserve
Graduated January, 1941.
Stoner, Jack Eugene US Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1941. Died 10/05/14.
Troxel, Stanley ArthurUS ArmyGraduated June, 1941. Died 11/04/14.
Twining, George Isaac, Jr.US Merchant
Would have graduated in June, 1941. Died 07/23/11.
Underwood, Robert MerleUS Army/Sgt.US Army; Service No. 37657366.
As of 11/22/09, lives in Johnston, IA. Died 09/15/14.
Vance, Jack ClydeUS Navy Reserve
Graduated January, 1941. SSC (Seaman Second Class)
Weddell, Robert (Bob)US ArmyGraduated January, 1941. Discharged 01/31/46. Died 02/09/09.
Wheeler, Jack M.US Army Air Corps
Graduated August, 1941. Service No. 17029322. S/Sgt./FOD
Wilson, William JohnUS Navy;MMM2CGraduated January, 1941. Motor Machinist's Mate Second Class
Avgerinos, James NickUS ArmyGraduated June, 1942. Iceland. Died 08/08/04.
Bakros, Eugene MarionUS Army Air CorpsGraduated January, 1942. Died 03/20/17.
Beveridge, Richard HarlowUS Marine Corps/
Graduated June, 1942. Died 12/04/09.
Block, Theodore HaroldUS ArmyGraduated June, 1942. Service number 37658989.
Bobb, Robert HenryUS ArmyGraduated January, 1942. Service number 37657293. Died 05/16/45.
Bowler, Melvin Charles US NavyWould have graduated in 1942. Died 02/26/15.
Bullington, Rudolph LeeUS Army/2nd Lt. Graduated August, 1942. Service number 02066969. Died 09/03/44.
Byrd, Harry ForestUS NavyGraduated June, 1942. Died 11/28/13.
Churchman, Russell C., Jr.US MarinesGraduated June, 1942. Died 02/09/87.
Connors, John HarryUS Merchant MarinesGraduated June, 1942. Merchant Marines, 43-46. Died 03/07/09.
Coon, Donald AdelbertUS Army/
Graduated January, 1942. Aleutians. 10th Mountain Infantry Division.
Davis, Thomas ElmerUS NavyGraduated June, 1942. WWII. Died 03/13/08.
Dildine, Robert MurrayUS Navy. Y2ClassGraduated in January, 1942. Died: 07/27/09. Iowa Veterans Cemetery.
Eittreim, Gene ElstonUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1942. Died 12/23/15.
Emery, Catherine Jane
US Marine Corps/
Graduated January, 1942. Died 09/30/97.
Feeley, Marcella (Williams)US WavesGraduated June, 1942. Died 07/16/95.
Gilman, Donald RaymondUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1942.
Glasgow, Roger WilliamsUS Coast GuardGraduated January, 1942. Died 12/09/05.
Grooms, Donald LorenUS Navy/
Graduated January, 1942.
Hansman, Robert JohnUS Coast GuardGraduated January, 1945. Coast Guard-2 years.
Hauge, June Louise US NavyGraduated June, 1942. Died 11/22/14.
Howard, Dwight EugeneUS Marine Corps/
Graduated June, 1942. Two tours in Korea; then Vietnam. Died 12/02/73.
Howard, Novelene Mae (Shroyer)US Waves Graduated June, 1942. Died 08/26/10. Buried in Arlington National Cemetery
Jackson, Emery James, Jr. US ArmyGraduated January, 1942. WWII; Philippines. Died 10/16/09.
Jones, Richard ArthurUS ArmyWould have graduated in 1942. Left North High before graduation. Died 12/24/04. Attended Warren Harding Junior High School.
Lindahl, Herbert CarlUSGraduated June, 1942.
McCarty, Charles FallsUS ArmyGraduated June, 1942. Demolition Expert; Patton's 3rd Army; Purple Heart. Died 03/17/08.
McDonald, James "Scotty", Jr. US NavyGraduated January, 1942. Died 03/03/11.
McNeley, David FredrickT/SgtDowned in B-29. CFC Gunner. Taken as POW. Executed 06/28/45. Service No. 37659567
Michael, Bobby MaxxWould have graduated in June, 1942.
Newcomb, Beatrice (McCracken)US WavesGraduated June, 1942. WAVES=Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service.
Neal, William NormanUS MarinesGraduated June, 1942. 2nd Marine Division. Died 12/03/10.
Pace, Floyd A.US Coast GuardGraduated June, 1942. Died 09/12/11.
Pace, Lloyd CalvinUS Coast GuardGraduated June, 1942. Died 04/11/13.
Petersen, Lester AlbertUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1942. Died 10/26/05.
Pruce, SidneyUS Army/Pvt.Graduated January, 1942. Service number 17053352. KIA; 01/31/44.
Schmidt, William (Bill)US ArmyGraduated 1945. Army-1 year.
Snodgrass, Raymond LarryUS Army Air Corps 2nd Lt.Graduated June, 1942. Service No. 0-776818. KIA. Died 10/07/44.
Stanley, Robert WernerUS NavyGraduated June, 1942. Died 11/14/13.
Taylor, Eugene LeonardxGraduated June, 1942. Deceased.
Patterson, Earl WilliamUS NavyGraduated January, 1942. air crewman (tail gunner) aboard aircraft carrier USS Steamer Bay. Air Medal. Died 02/22/08.
Waggoner, Edwin DaleUS Army Air Corps SSgt.Graduated June, 1942. Service number 37659544. Died 05/04/44.
Weertz, Louis JacobUS NavyGraduated June, 1942. AKA Roger Williams, Mr. Piano. Died 10/08/11.
White, Jerry DeanUS ArmyGraduated June, 1942. Died 06/12/12.
Andersen, Wayne SorenUSMCR/PVTGraduated from North/West High. June, 1943. Killed in combat.
Ash, Donald ArthurUS Navy/
Pharmacist 1/C
Would have graduated in 1943. North High gave diploma in June, 1946.
Blackledge, Virgil, Jr.US Army Air Corps1943-1945. Died 11/10/09; Des Moines, IA
Blue, Donald VernonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1943. Died 03/13/94.
Blue, Rowland RupertUS Army/SSgt.Graduated from North/West High. WWII. Died 12/05/13.
Brehm, Carl TheodoreUS Army/PFCGraduated June, 1943. 96th Infantry Division. Died 02/10/11.
Brown, Richard KiddUS NavyEnlisted before graduation which would have been in 1943. GED. Pacific Theater. Died 12/11/10.
Bullington, Harold JamesUS Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1943. WWII. Died 09/09/17.
Chamberlin, Albert Lee, Jr. US Army Air Corps/
Graduated June, 1943.
Creger, Dean E.US Marine Corps/
Graduated Summer, 1943. Enlisted at Camp Dodge; August, 1943. Service No. 888136. 2nd Marine Division.
Devine, Wayne AubreyUS ArmyWould have graduated 1943. WWII. Died 07/31/08.
Douglas, Harold MathewUS Army/SSgt.Graduated June, 1943 from West. WWII. Died 10/29/10.
Emerling, Edwin GeneUS Air ForceWWII. U-2.
Evans, Richard MortonUS Navy/SFCGraduated January, 1943. Next of kin was father, Leslie Glenn Evans, 3307 61st Street, Des Moines, IA. Died 04/29/44. Buried at sea.
Fairchild, Robert LaverneUS NavyGraduated June, 1943.
Fallis, Robert L.US NavyGraduated June, 1943. Died 03/08/08.
Finch, Franklyn AustinxGraduated June, 1943. WWII.
Fousek, Joseph William, Jr. US Navy/MoMMWould have graduated in 1943. WWII. Died 06/05/09.
Fousek, Robert E.US NavyWould have graduated in 1943. West High? WWII. Died 2004.
Friar, William LawdahlUS Army Air Force/
2nd Lt.
Graduated June, 1943. Enlisted Seattle, WA. Navigator; B-29.
Fulton, William Sherwin, Jr. US Army/BGGraduated June, 1943. Korea, WWII; Clerk of US Army Court of Military Review, Washington, D.C.
Fuson, Ervin ThomasUS Army Air CorpsGraduated January, 1943. WWII. Died 11/24/14.
Gunnar, Dale LeonardUS Army/PVTGraduated June, 1943. Died 08/24/07.
Hague, Francis GeorgeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1943. Died 07/12/08.
Hartley, Milton EvansUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1943. WWII.
Hill, Donald AllenUS Merchant MarinesGraduated January, 1943. Died 04/03/11.
Honett, Howard LeeUS Naval Air ForceGraduated June, 1943.
Hufford, Ronald BobUS Army Air CorpsGraduated January, 1943. Died 09/15/93.
Johnson, Richard LeeUS NavyGraduated June, 1943. Died 12/18/07.
Knight, Phyllis Darlene
US MarinesGraduated January, 1943. Died 04/12/95.
Kochheiser,George William,Jr.US Army/SSgt.Graduated June, 1943. Died 06/17/15.
Lake, James Wayne "Mike"US NavyAttended 10th grade at North High. Enlisted in US Navy. Would have graduated in 1943. Died 11/30/11.
Lancaster, Floyd WilliamUS NavyGraduated June, 1943. WWII.
Lekowsky, Harlan WilliamUS ArmyGraduated June, 1943. WWII. US Army Combat Engineers.
Lyons, Theodore RobertUS Army Air CorpsGraduated August, 1943. WWII.
McMullen, Robert BartlettUS NavyGraduated June, 1943 from West. Died 07/05/08.
McMurray, George RayUS ArmyGraduated June, 1943.
Meeker, Everett G.US Army Air Corps/
2nd Lt.
Graduated from North/West High; June, 1943
Michael, Lloyd EugeneUS Marine Corps/
Graduated June, 1943. WWII. Pacific Theater. Died 05/12/16.
Morris, Richard ArthurUS Army/
Graduated June, 1943. Infantry. European and Pacific Theaters.
Mumma, Paul CalvinUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1943. South Pacific. Died 04/09/06.
Nelson, Bobbie LeexGraduated June, 1943. WWII.
Newsom, Kenneth D.U.S. Air ForceWWII. 8th Air Force/England. Left North. Grad in 1946 in military. Died 09/14/14.
Nickell, William D.US Army Air CorpsGraduated from North/West High; June, 1943.
Novak, Jack AllenUS Marines Graduated Summer, 1943. 5th Marine Division.
Ostrem, Roy EverettUS Army/Tech4Graduated June, 1943. 96th Infantry Division. Died 05/12/93.
Overton, Keith WarrenUS ArmyGraduated January, 1943. IA National Guard for 17 years.
Press, Burton J.US Army/Tech4Graduated January, 1943. 10/43-02/46. Died 07/22/12.
Pugsley, Edwin RobertUS Army Air CorpsWent to Warren Harding and North with 1943 class. Graduated from Roosevelt. WWII. Guam
Rabinovitz, Ronald RuvinUS Army/Tech 5Graduated in June, 1943. Took part in Wobbelin Camp liberation. 4/44-4/46 Germany. Died 10/30/06.
Reel, Russell EdwardUS Army/PFCGraduated January, 1943. WWII. European Theater
Riccio, Frank FrancisUS ArmyGraduated January, 1943. WWII. European Theater. Died 06/20/13.
Richardson, Maurice LeonardUS Army/PVT
US Marines
Graduated January, 1943. WWII. Iwo Jima.
Rizzuto, Chester RalphUS Navy
Graduated June, 1943. WWII; Pacific Theater. Korea. Died 08/06/10.
Roy, Lee JuniorUS Army/SGTGraduated June, 1943. WWII.
Rudkin, Bernard WarrenUS Marine Corps Reserves; PFC Graduated in June, 1943. Killed. Guadalcanal. Next of kin shown as Mrs. Helen M. Rudkin, 708 Clinton Avenue, Des Moines, IA.
Sansom, Roy H.US NavyWould have graduated in 1943. Submarine/Atlantic. Died 05/18/08.
Sayers, Owen Edwin, Dr.US Navy Med CorpsGraduated January, 1943. Entered US Medical Corps and eventually transferred to Marine Medical Corps. Died 11/04/08.
Scott, Harold KeithUS Navy/CaptainGraduated June, 1943. Died 05/23/12.
Senechal, Barbara JeanWAVESGraduated January, 1943. Deceased.
Sherman, Robert Ballou, MD US MarinesGraduated June, 1943. Died 12/64.
Stephens, Shelby DeVereUS ArmyWould have graduated in 1943. Died 12/15/12.
Stewart, G. Kinsey US Marines/CPLGraduated June, 1943. Died on way home after attending 50th reunion. Died 06/27/93.
Stone, Arnold Joseph (Stoney)US Coast GuardWould have graduated in 1943. Died 06/08/11.
Stradley, Walter EugeneUS NavyEnlisted at Camp Dodge; August, 1943. Died 05/11/06.
Strickler, Richard AllenUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1943. WWII. Died 10/10/16.
Sullivan, Robert MorrisUS Air Force/Lt.
Graduated June, 1943. Navigator. Died 07/85.
Swanson, Carl VernonUS NavyGraduated January, 1943. Asiatic Pacific. Died 10/01/07.
Titus, Charles KeithUS ArmyGraduated June, 1943. Died 05/70.
Twining, Calvin V.US Merchant
Would have graduated in 1943. WWII.
VanDerHorst, William AlbertUS Army/
Sgt. Mjr.
Graduated January, 1943. Infantry.
Wallace, Robert JohnUS ArmyGraduated from North/West High. June, 1943. WWII. Died 01/17/13.
Warner, Karl GuyUS NavyMay have dropped out of North High to join military. Died 10/07/08.
Weaver, Myron Billie US Air Force/
Graduated January, 1943. Died 01/24/14.
Wilbert, Robert Johnson xGraduated January, 1943. Died 04/15/08.
Yeglin, HaroldUS ArmyGraduated June, 1943. 97th Infantry.
Adkins, BudUS NavyTo have graduated January, 1944.
Adkins, Donald James, Jr.US Navy/
To have graduated January, 1944. Service Number: 6217251. KIA while serving onboard USS Franklin (DV-13) 03/19/45. Remains in Honolulu, HI.
Aldeman, Clifford F.US NavyTo have graduated January, 1944. Deceased 07/30/01.
Allen, David EugeneUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1944. Army Air Corps. Then Airborne Infantry. 82nd Div.
Biermann, Richard GeneUS Navy/
Graduated June, 1944. Electrician; Phillipines. Died 09/06/12.
Boots, JimmieUS NavyTo have graduated January, 1944.
Bowen, Wayne AnthonyUS Army/Sgt.Graduated June, 1944. Teacher. Principal of Franklin Jr. High. Died 11/21/10.
Bowman, KennethUS NavyTo have graduated January, 1944.
Brewton, Cecil Hillard, Jr. US Army; T/5Graduated January, 1944. Service No. 37697900. Died 02/17/16.
Broyles, Eugene DarrellUS ArmyGraduated June, 1944. Died 01/09/13.
Bullington, EugeneUS NavyTo have graduated January, 1944.
Bullington, John SterlingUS ArmyGraduated January, 1944. Died 12/67.
Bullington, Keith RaymondUS NavyGraduated in June, 1944. Navy: July, 1945-1947. Died 04/18/07.
Case, Jack Richard US NavyGraduated January, 1944.
Clark, Luther E.US NavyTo have graduated January, 1944. Died 08/31/90.
Cook, Donald EdwardUS Army/PFCGraduated January, 1944. Died 09/09/10.
Cox, Thomas E.US NavyTo have graduated January, 1944. Died 09/21/94.
Crowell, John WallaceUS Navy/SFCGraduated June, 1944. USN: 10/20/44-06/20/46.
Cutler, Elliott GeneUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1944. Camp Dodge. Service No. 17117713.
Donlin, EdUS NavyTo have graduated January, 1944.
Dunn, Cecil WayneUS NavyServed at Great Lakes. Discharged in 1945.
Dunn, RobertUS Coast GuardTo have graduated January, 1944. Deceased.
Ellingson, Richard DuaneUS Navy/
To have graduated in June, 1944. Lives in DM. Died 09/10/12.
Evans, Robert A.US NavyTo have graduated in June, 1944. Died 02/20/14.
Farber, Jacob (Jack) ZadelUS ArmyGraduated June, 1944. Died 05/19/14.
Feinberg, Theodore JermoneUS NavyGraduated in June, 1944. Died 03/14/16.
Frasier, Jack E.US ArmyTo have graduated January, 1944. Service No. is 37673915. Air Air Corps. Camp Dodge. Served in Pacific. Died three years ago. Buried in Des Moines.
Hollison, DaleUS ArmyAir CorpsTo have graduated January, 1944.
Karp, Harold H.US NavyGraduated in January, 1944. Deceased: 11/28/97.
Kemble, James William US NavyGraduated June, 1944. Living in MPS.
King, Robert LeeUS ArmyGraduated in June, 1944. Died 12/26/08.
Knapp, Stuart RichardUS Army Air CorpsGraduated in June, 1944. Through Camp Dodge. Died in PHX; 06/21/09.
Koenig, William HermanUS NavyGraduated in January, 1944. Pilot
Lacey, CharlesUS NavyTo have graduated January, 1944.
Lockwood, Harold WarrenUS Army Air CorpsGraduated January, 1944. T
Loll, Richard H. US Army/ Pvt.To have graduated January, 1944. Service number 37680307. KIA. France.
Lorey, Frank Carson, Jr.US Navy/S1CGraduated in June, 1944. Lives in CA.
Lyon, EveretteUS ArmyTo have graduated January, 1944.
MacDade, John (Jack) JamesUS NavyUS Navy-4 years. Graduated GED, Old West High; 1946-47
McGlothlen, Wayne F. (Mac)US NavyTo have graduated January, 1944. Left North and entered Navy in 1943. GED. Died 03/28/99
Milton, John MaynardUS NavyTo have graduated January, 1944. Lives in DM. 3 years in USN. Died 04/2016.
Moore, Eugene LeonardUS NavyTo have graduated in June, 1944. Died 02/05/08.
Nibel, JackUS Coast GuardTo have graduated January, 1944.
O'Leary, Richard Francis US Army Air Corps/
Left North to join Army. Died 08/05/07.
Onnen, John Henry, Jr.US NavyGraduated January, 1944. Died 05/24/10.
Parker, William Leroy, Jr. US Air ForceGraduated June, 1944.
Pennington, Walter LeeUS NavyWould have graduated in 1944. Left North High early. Died 09/13/14.
Pyers, James RichardUS Army Air CorpsGraduated June, 1944. Discharged November, 1945.
Rice, Franklin TennantUS ArmyTo have graduated in June, 1944. Lives in Ackley, IA.
Seid, William JohnUS NavyGraduated January, 1944. Died 12/14/12.
Sims, BillxTo have graduated in January, 1944.
Smith, Carmi Jess (Smitty)US NavyGraduated June, 1944. Died 02/13/17.
Snyder, Harlan ClairUS NanyTo have graduated in June, 1944. July, 1944-June, 1946.
Spangler, Harold KennethUS NavyGraduated June, 1944. Died 03/11.
Titus, Lowell DeanxGraduated in January, 1944.
Troe, Jack CharlesUS Army Air CorpsTo have graduated in August, 1944. Died 09/25/98.
Turner, Raymond EverettUS NanyTo have graduated in June, 1944.
Warner, KarlUS NavyTo have graduated January, 1944. Enlisted 1941, WWII. Died 10/07/08.
Yohe, William ErnstUS ArmyGraduated August, 1944. Died 07/07/98.
Ahlberg, Jack MiltonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1945. Died 01/01/95.
Ankeney, Keith SanfordUS NavyGraduated Janury, 1945. WWII? Died 10/16/15.
Ashford, Margaret Ann
US NavyGraduated June, 1945. Died 12/20/10.
Barnes, Paul EarlUS NavyWould have graduated in 1945. Died 09/25/68.
Brophy Darold J.US Army and
US Air Force
Graduated June, 1945. Died 02/22/13.
Buckingham, Donald WarrenUS ArmyGraduated June, 1945.
Chick, Donald RobertUS NavyGraduated August, 1945. Died 02/13/04.
Condy, Charles BernardUS NavyGraduated January, 1945.
Donnenwerth, John WilliamUS ArmyGraduated January, 1945. WWII
Fitch, Ralph Andrew US NavyWould have graduated in 1945. Died 02/24/94.
Fries, Walter ThomasUS NavyNorth High GED after returning from Naval Service.
Grodt, Edward DaleUS NavyGraduated June, 1945. WWII. Died 10/11/15.
Hagman, Edward MatthewUS Army/PVTGraduated? Served in Alaska. Died 05/01/99?
Haller, Richard WinfieldUS NavyGraduated June, 1945. WWII. Naval aviation cadet.
Hammer, Richard WilsonUS MarinesGraduated June, 1945. US Navy Reserves; Captain. Died 01/20/10.
Hansman, Robert J.US Coast GuardWould have graduated in 1945. Two years in Coast Guard.
Harris, Robert EugeneUS MarinesGraduated June, 1945. Korea. 22 years.
Howard, Randall R.US NavyLeft before graduation. Diploma says graduated August 31, 1945.
Howard, Thornton MellorUS MarinesGraduated June, 1945. Died 07/29/04.
Keith, Richard EdwinUS ArmyGraduated June, 1945. Died 11/07.00.
Kemble, Thomas HaynesUS NavyGraduated June, 1945. WWII, Korea.
Kissinger, Gerald F.xGraduated August, 1945. WWII
Lewis, Robert AndrewUS ArmyGraduated June, 1945. Died 02/07/07.
Martin, Therman LinneausUS MarinesGraduated June, 1945. Died July, 2015.
McNeley, Richard DeanUS NavyGraduated June, 1945. Died. 08/12/81.
Proudfit, Gilbert LeRoyUS Navy; PM3Graduated June, 1945. USNavy. 11/18/09. Died 03/27/15.
Schmidt, WilliamUS ArmyWould have graduated in 1945. Army: 1 year.
Swanson, Eugene CharlesUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1945. Died 07/07/10.
Walters, Robert LundyUS ArmyGraduataed January, 1945.
Wise, James E.US ArmyGraduated June, 1945.
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