North High School Wall of Honor
1959 - 1975
US began sending advisors to Vietnam in 1955.
First US military advisors killed by enemy combatants in 1959.
When did Vietnam War begin?
That is a difficult question to answer, and varies on who you ask. Some say the Vietnam conflict (there was never an offical declaration of war) started in 1955 when the U.S. started to send military advisors to South Vietnam. The first American military advisors killed by enemy combatants occurred in 1959. Some point to late 1961 when President Kennedy sent the first helicopter group & U.S. service men to fly them in support of South Vietnamese troops. Many say the war officially started with the Gulf of Tonkin resolution in August 1964, which gave President Johnson basically free reign to escalate the war. And some people say the war really started in March 1965 when the first American combat troops (Marines) arrived in South Vietnam.
The Vietnam War, also known as the Second Indochina War, was a Cold War military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from Septemer 25, 1959 to April 30, 1975. The war was fought between the communist North Vietnam, supported by its communist allies, and the government of South Vietnam, supported by the United States and other anti-communist nations.
Years of Graduation: 1959 - 1975
Last Name, First NameBranch, RankAddress
Adair, Paul WilliamUS NavyGraduated June, 1959. In Navy for four years; 1959-1963. US Army from 1964 to 1987. Retired US Army-18 years in the military.
Brown, Robert TerrancexGraduated January, 1959. Vietnam?

Enabnit, Philip Alan

xGraduated June, 1959. Vietnam?
Gassaway, Robert AllenxGraduated June, 1959. Vietnam?
Glazer, Melvin LewisUS NavyGraduated June, 1959. US Navy-2 years.
Murano, Frank JosephNational GuardGraduated June, 1959. National Guard-6 years.
Pomeroy, James HowardxGraduated January, 1959. Vietnam?
Shepard, Joseph RobertUS ArmyGraduated June, 1959. US Army-6 years.
Stewart, RonUS Air Force/E4Graduated 1959. Air Force/E4; Radio Relay Maint.; 10/63-07/67.
Tigue, William DavidxGraduated June, 1959. Vietnam?
Walser, Robert HallUS NavyGraduated June, 1959. US Navy-4 years.
Wass, Howard (Howie) LeeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1959. US Army-3 years.
Wince, Bobo Benedict, Sr. US Air ForceGraduated June, 1959. Died 07/15/00.
Anderson, Gary CliffordUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1960. 20+ years.
Arts, Dale GilbertUS Army/ SP5Graduated June, 1960. Vietnam. Died 12/19/08.
Blythe, Kenneth EdwardUS Army/PFCGraduated January, 1960. Vietnam. Died 05/16/81.
Booth, SteveUS Navyx
Burrell, Wesley Charles, Sr.US ArmyGraduated January, 1960. Died 11/17/99.
Cooley, Darrell WayneUS NavyGraduated June, 1960. Vietnam. Died 12/03/77.
Davis, Gerald LelandUS NavyGraduated June, 1960. Vietnam. Died 08/02/12.
Davis, William CharlesUS ArmyGraduated June, 1960. Died 04/29/04.
Dennis, Raymond CarolUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1960. Vietnam.
Davis, Thomas StanleyUS Marine Corps/
Graduated June, 1960. Vietnam. Died 08/29/97.
Farmer, James EdwardUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1960. 1962-1967; Vietnam.
Fiscus, Michael DennisxGraduated August, 1960. Vietnam.
Frederiksen, Gary EvanUS NavyGraduated June, 1960. Three years. Died 02/02/16.
Gaines, Wallace JaunellUS Air Force/Capt.Graduated January, 1960. Died 10/20/06.
Green, Dale RossUS Air Force/A2CGraduated June, 1960. Vietnam. Died 11/16/94.
Greenberg, Gary N.xGraduated January, 1960. Vietnam
Hamil, Frank DennisUS Army/SP4Graduated June, 1960. CO A51; SIG BN 1 Corps. Korea. Pneumonia. Died 02/16/63.
Hickman, Richard WarrenAir National GuardGraduated August, 1960.
Jackson, William Earl, Sr.US Army/PFCGraduated June, 1960. Vietnam. Died 08/06/88.
Kaseoru, JuriUS ArmyGraduated June, 1960. Vietnam. Died 06/ 07/14.
Kauzlarich, William Joseph US Air ForceGraduated June, 1960. Died 04/20/15.
Marshall, James DixonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1960. Died 10/21/10.
McFall, James LeslieUS Army, US NavyGraduated June, 1960. Died 06/05/07.
Morrison, Meredith JohnUS ArmyGraduated June, 1960. Died 07/19/05.
Orvick, Robert MyronUS NavyGraduated June, 1960. Vietnam. Died 12/01/02.
Padget, Kenneth AllanAir Nat'l GuardGraduated June, 1960. Died 07/14/90.
Page, David EdwinUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1960. Died 09/06/09.
Payne, Larry BennettUS NavyGraduated June, 1960. Died 08/06/05.
Robertson, James DavidUS ArmyGraduated January, 1960. Died 02/19/84.
Russell, Larry DonnUS Air ForceGraduated August, 1960. Air Force until 1963. Died: 09/14/09.
Seward, Steve CarlUS Marine CorpsGraduated January, 1960. Died: 07/01/13.
Shelburg, Phillip KingUS ArmyGraduated January, 1960. Germany
Smith, Dale WilliamUS Army/ MSgt.Graduated June, 1960. Master Bomb Technician. Arlington National Cemetery. Died 01/13/02.
Thompson, Toni ArnettWAC/CaptainGraduated June, 1960. Also in National Guard.
Tyler, Mark JamesUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1960. US Air Force-2 years.
Tynan, Ralph PhilipxGraduated June, 1960. Vietnam.
Vaughn, Kenneth MarionUS Army/ SFCGraduated June, 1960. Vietnam. Died 07/22/99.
VerHoef, James MichaelUS NavyGraduated August, 1960.
Walker, Marvin LeroyUS Air Force/
Graduated June, 1960. Vietnam.
Warren, Gray DawsonUS Air Force/Capt.Graduated June, 1960; Died; Laos; 10/26/69; Died: Hostile, Missing;BNR (body not recovered) Eventually buried USAF Academy Cemetery, Colorado Springs, CO
Westlund, Robert CarlxGraduated June, 1960. Vietnam
Wright, Robert EdwardUS NavyGraduated January, 1960. Died 11/20/92.
Ash, Gary ArthurUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1961. Air Force-4 years. Vietnam?
Bittle, Richard StevenU.S. ArmyGraduated January, 1961. Died 12/15/01.
Blythe, Edker WilliamUS Army/1SGGraduated January, 1961.
Brown, Thomas AllenxGraduated January, 1961. Vietnam?
Coppock, William JamesUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1961. Died 07/86.
Fitzpatrick, Patricia Kathryn (Stone)US Army Graduated June, 1961. Died 06/16.
Garton, David DwightU.S. ArmyGraduated June, 1961. Vietnam? Died 01/08/12.
German, James DaleUS ArmyGraduated June, 1961. One year.
Graham, Robert LeexGraduated June, 1961. Vietnam?
Granson, Robert DonUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1961
Hayward, Michael ClydexGraduated January, 1961. Vietnam?
Huntbach, Charles C.US ArmyGraduated January, 1961. Six years.
Ibson, Gary B.U.S. ArmyGraduated January, 1961.
Limke, Daniel RayUS NavyGraduated January, 1961. Seven years.
Locke, James RobertUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1961. Retired.Air Force-20+ years.
McCollum, Craig RoyUS ArmyGraduated June, 1961. US Army-3 years.
Nau, Thomas JohnU.S. Air ForceGraduated January, 1961.
Newsom, Marshall Jon, Jr. xGraduated June, 1961. Vietnam?
Passwaters, JackUS ArmyGraduated June, 1961. Vietnam.
Shafer, Richard EarlUS Army ReservesGraduated June, 1961. Guard @ Army Reserves; August, 1964-December, 1999
Shaffer, Jamie HaroldUS ArmyGraudated June, 1961. Officer, platoon leader. Vietnam
Swan, Robert EugenexGraduated June, 1961 Vietnam.
Van Dorn, Grant LymanNational GuardGraduated June, 1961.
Wade, James ClevelandUSMCGaduated June, 1961.
Wince, Bill DomonicUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1961.
Wittkop, Michael LeighU.S. Air ForceGraduated January, 1961. Died 05/06/00.
Worden, John RogerUS Army;Sgt/E5Graduated June, 1961. Three years. Vietnam; 1967-68.
Arnett, Arthur FrancisxGraduated June, 1962. Vietnam
Arsts, OjarsUS ArmyGraduated June, 1962. Died 09/06/14.
Aycock, James PaulxGraduated June, 1962.
Barron, Ramon HowardUS Navy/E3; E7Graduated June, 1962. Two tours of Vietnam
Callahan, Michael BertUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1962.
Christian, James M.US Air ForceGraduated June, 1962.
Duncan, Malvin NolanUS ArmyGraduated June, 1962. Germany
Dyck, Daniel FredrickUS Marine Corps/
Graduated June, 1962. Vietnam. Died 08/03/00.
Flick, Raymond GordonUS Army/E5Graduated June, 1962. Germany.
Fowler, Reginald LeonUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1962.
Galloway, Richard HaroldUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1962.
Graham, Lloyd Cecil, IIxGraduated June, 1962. Vietnam
Hansen, Thomas MichaelUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1962.
Hansen, Timothy MarkUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1962.
Heaivilin, Carroll RobertUS Navy/CQMGraduated June, 1962. Died 09/24/09.
Iles, Nile MeredithIA National GuardGraduated January, 1962. Died 06/20/14.
Jones, Gary ThomasUS ArmyGraduated June, 1962. Died 05/02/17.
Kochheiser, Ronald Dean Air National GuardGraduated June, 1962. Died 10/12/15.
Mann, Leon Thomas, IIUS ArmyGraduated June, 1962. Died 06/25/09.
Marker, Gary LeeUS Army/E5Graduated January, 1962.
McVay, Harold Edwin, Jr.US NavyGraduated August, 1962. Vietnam
Meyer, Garry EugeneUS Navy; then
US Coast Guard
Gruaduated June, 1962.
Mincks, James MarkUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1962. Vietnam
Mortice, Thomas Edgar, IIISgt./US ArmyGraduated January, 1962. Died; 08/12/68; Non-hostile. Died; Other. Vietnam Wall in Washington, D.C.
Myer, Dennis RoscoeUS Air ForceGraduated August, 1962.
Nussbaum, Russell LynnUS Marine CorpsGraduated January, 1962. Died 10/03/16.
Nystrom, Raymond EugeneCA National GuardGraduated June, 1962.
Pence, Arlen LloydUS Air Force/CaptainGraduated June, 1962. 1966-1970; Offutt Air Force Base.
Phillips, Lee AlanxGraduated June, 1962. Died 05/10/11.
Phillips, Richard JamesxGraduated June, 1962. Vietnam
Reay, Richard MurrayxGraduated January, 1962. Vietnam
Schneckloth, Stephen EarlIA National GuardGraduaged June, 1962.
Spoonholtz, Richard L.xGraduated June, 1962. Vietnam
Steele, Frank GeneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1962. Deceased 08/08/01.
Sutton, Stephen DanielUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1962.
Vanderlip, William G.US ArmyGraduated June, 1962. Died 01/26/82.
Van Houten, Richard WarrenUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1962.
Walker, Bryan LeexGraduated January, 1962. Vietnam
Windsor, Arvel EugenexGraduated June, 1962. Vietnam
Wood, Charles FrankUS NavyGraduated June, 1962.
Wright, Gerald GlennxGraduated June, 1962. Vietnam
Accola, John ValUS ArmyGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam
Adamson, ClaudeUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1963.
Adolphson, David WilliamxGraduated June, 1963.
Adolphson, Douglas GuyxGraduated June, 1963.
Bane, James Douglas, Jr.US ArmyGraduated January, 1963.
Bishop, Oliver Richard II US ArmyGraduation June, 1963. Vietnam
Brady, David GeneUS NavyGraduated January, 1963
Brown, Jack ParksUS Air Force and
US Army?
Graduated June, 1963.
Bullington, Randolph LeeUS NavyGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam. Died 12/25/88.
Campbell, Michael LeonardUS ArmyGraduated June, 1963.
Chatfield, Elvin Russell, Jr. US NavyGraduated June, 1963. Died 09/05/08.
Cook, Robert M.xGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam
Cox, Jarrell PeterUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1963. Vietman. Died 10/01/90.
Daniels, Dale ArnoldUS ArmyGraduated June, 1963.
Danielson, Ronald LeexGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam
Flannery, Nick Darrell, Jr US Army/ColonelGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam
Forrest, Craig AlanUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1963.
Forwalder, Melvin CurtisUS ArmyGraduated June, 1963. Korea.
Fox, Gary LeeUS ArmyGraduated January, 1963.
Gannon, Stephen A.US ArmyGraduated June, 1963.
Gersib, John ArthurUS NavyGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam
Godfroy, Joseph LeeUS MarinesGraduated June, 1963.
Green, William KennethUS NavyGraduated August, 1963. Vietnam
Greenwood, Stanley JamesUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam
Hall, Raymond StanleyUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam
Hardersen, Gerald Lee (Gerry) US ArmyGraduated January, 1963.
Harrington, William Michael J US Air ForceGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam. Died 12/25/11.
Howe, Gary RayxGraduated June, 1963 Lebanon or Grenada
Huffaker, Larry DuaneUS Air ForceGraduated January, 1963. Vietnam. Died 09/23/14.
Isaacs, David Edward (W.)US Air ForceGraduated June, 1963. Died 03/21/10.
Kinkade, Cheryl Ann (Voss)US Air ForceGraduated June, 1963. Died 08/07.
Marlow, James William, Jr. US NavyGraduated January, 1963.
McClellan, Ted GordonAir Nat'l GuardGraduated January, 1963.
McDonald, Richard ArlissxGraduated June, 1963.
McGuire, Phyllis JeanUS Army ReserveGraduated June, 1963
McKelvey, Gene WilliamsNational GuardGraduated June, 1963. Six years.
Miller, Christopher HerbertUS NavyGraduated June, 1963 Vietnam
Myers, Jon CarlUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1963. Died 01/08/94.
Nehrling, Richard (Rick) JamesUS Army/Sgt.Graduated June, 1963. Vietnam
Nonnweiler, Gerald LeroyxGraduated January, 1963. Died 06/10/95.
O'Hare, William Owen, Jr.US Navy/PH3Graduated June, 1963. Vietnam. Died 05/21/98.
Pendry, Stephen RobertUS ArmyGraduated June, 1963.
Peterson, Donald GeorgeUS NavyGraduated January, 1963. Vietnam
Rapp, Donald LeeUS MarinesGraduated August, 1963.
Redd, Ernest Samuel, IIIUS ArmyGraduated June, 1963. Died 03/30/09.
Rexroat, Harold Wayne, Jr US Air ForceGraduated January, 1963.
Ritchie, Richard MichaelUS ArmyGraduated January, 1963. Vietnam
Runner, Alan JohnUS ArmyGraduated June, 1963. Died 11/18/04.
Seward, Dennis FloydUS MarinesGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam.
Smith, Bradley EarlUS ArmyGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam
Thomas, Bruce RandolphUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1963. Air Force-6 years.
Valentine, Charles DavidUS ArmyGraduated June, 1963. Died 11/20/11.
Wadden, Steven DonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1963. Vietnam.
Wilson, Dennis H. US ArmyGraduated June, 1963. MP
Allen, Jerry LynnxGraduated August, 1964. Vietnam.
Angus, John DouglasxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Baum, Dalvid LeexGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Boggs, Robert MarvinxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Boller, Robert DonaldxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Campbell, David E.US. Navy/E5Graduated June, 1964. Two tours of Vietnam.
Carlson, Claude GeneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1964. Two years.
Carlson, Robert (Bob) E.US ArmyGraduated June, 1964. Army-2 years.
Carlson, Ronald AlanxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Chapman, Donald CraigxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Christensen, Carl DennisxGraduated August, 1964. Vietnam.
Cole, Cloud ButlerxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Connelly, Robert WillettxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Cunningham, Daniel HaroldUS Army/SP3Graduated June, 1964. Stateside. Died 02/21/10.
Dann, Gary HowardxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Darrah, Clifford RayDeanxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Duff, William CharlesUS ArmyGraduated Work Study, 1964. Vietnam. Died 05/30/10.
Gilliam, Larry WaynexGraduated August, 1964. Vietnam.
Hale, Larry DouglasUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1964. Air Force-4 years.
Harrington, Patrick StevenxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Hart, Donald EmersonUS ArmyGraduated June, 1964. Three years.
Henry, Don Albert, Jr.US Air ForceGraduated June, 1964. Philippines; TDY in Bien Hoa Vietnam.
Himrich, John EdwardUS ArmyGraduated June, 1964. Died 04/29/12.
Hiscocks, Thomas WilliamxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Huffman, Larry LeeUS MarinesGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam
Jackovich, Michael JosephxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Katz, Morton AllenUS Air Force/
Graduated June, 1964. Vietnam. Died 05/29/12.
Lamb, David MichaelUS ArmyGraduated June, 1964.
Light, Michael KentxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Lindsley, Dennis ConradUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1964. Marine Corps-4 years.
Lundholm, Gary LynnxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Maxfield, John LeoUS ArmyGraduated June, 1964. Died 01/24/03.
McMahan, Jon AllenxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Miller, Larry AlanUS ArmyGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam; 1968-1974
Nelson, Elden Eugene, IIxGraduated June, 1964.
Nirk, Leroy DeanxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Nystrom, John DeanUS Army/CaptainGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Parish, Joseph Lewis, Jr.US Air ForceGraduated June, 1964. Died 07/27/07.
Porter, Howard JamesxGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam. Died 01/25/13.
Quigley, James ConradUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1964. Thailand. Died 02/06/13.
Ramsell, Robert (Bob) JamesUS NavyGraduated June, 1964. Navy-4 years.
Reyes, Ronald PaulUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1964.
Rexroat, Raymond ClarencexGraduated June, 1964. Vietman
Roff, Dennis JohnxGraduated August, 1964. Vietnam.
Rose, Roland LeRoyUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Saluri, George Joe, Jr.xGraduated June, 1964. Vietman.
Smith, Donald RayUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1964. Lebanon or Grenada.
Smith, Harold LeeUS Army/PFCGraduated June, 1964. Died; Vietnam; 02/09/68; Hostile; Wounds
Smith, Michael DeanUS ArmyGraduated June, 1964. Died 02/15/13.
Smith, Raymond FrancisUS Marine CorpsGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Strathman, William Erwin, Jr. US NavyGraduated August, 1964. Vietnam.
Van Arkel, Michael LeeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1964. Two tours in Vietnam. Died 12/28/08.
Williams, Bruce AllenUS NavyGraduated Work Study, 1964. Vietnam. Died 09/09/12.
Williamson, Clark PrestonxGraduated Work Study, 1964. Vietnam.
Wood, Daniel K.xGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam.
Woodyard, Stephen DaleUSAF/ SgtGraduated June, 1964. Vietnam. Died 06/10/14.
Adolphson, Roy EvertUS ArmyGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Benge, Phillip DarwinxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam. Died 04/10/08.
Boos, Robert William, IIUS ArmyGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Bryan, Harold W.xGraduated Work Study, 1965. Vietnam.
Connor, Robert LeexGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
DeMarce, Jerry LawrenceUS ArmyGraduated June, 1965. Army-1 year.
Fane, James BerryxGraduated June, 1965. Vietman.
Feeley, Michael PatrickxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Filby, Donald DeanAir National GuardGraduated June, 1965. Died 12/07/12.
Flanagan, Charles StevenUS NavyGraduated in June. 1965.
Gamble, Robert WilliamxGraduated June, 1965. Vietman.
Gronert, David FrankxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Hammen, Richard AllenUS ArmyGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam. Two years.
Hays, Ronald LynnxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Ihrig, Lawrence EdwardxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Johnson, Robert DaleUS ArmyGraduated June, 1965. Died 08/06/13.
Julstrom, Donald PaulxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Karns, Michael DuanexGraduated August, 1965.
Leo, Michael CarlUS ArmyGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam. Died 09/19/13.
Lester, Jack RandallxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Lewis, Charles WoodrowUS Coast GuardGraduated June, 1965.
Lunn, Michael ArlenUS MarinesGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam
Marlin, Larry GenexGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Minnick, Murray EvanxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Phares, Arthur JamesxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Randall, Craig LeroyxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Shepard, William ClaytonUS Army/MPGraduated June, 1965. National Guard 186th Unit Military Police.
Shoning, James SheltonUS NavyGraduated June, 1965. Served Morocco, Africa, Newfndlnd. Died 11/07/09.
Silk, Thomas MichaelxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Stookey, Steven GuyUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1965. Air Force-6 years.
Stumbo, Larry DeanxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Thompson, Richard JoeUS ArmyGraduated in July, 1965.
Thornton, Martin VernonxGraduated WS, 1965. Vietnam.
Wallukait, David JamesxGraduated June, 1965. Vietman.
Webb, Robert, IIIxGraduated June, 1965. Vietnam.
Bancroft, Melvin L.xGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam.
Barker, William GaylandUS Army; SP4Graduated June, 1966. Vietnam: Killed on July 27, 1969; Hostile; Died/Wounds.
Barron, Xavier LeexGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam.
Carlson, James LeexGraduated June, 1966. Died 08/13.
Croak, Thomas JoeUS ArmyGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam. Died 11/22/99.
Cruikshank, Jon PhilipxGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam.
Dawson, Rodney CraigxGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam.
Duffert, Steven DouglasUS ArmyGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam. Died 08/05/09.
Gay, James RobertUS ArmyGraduated June, 1966.
Gibson, Ronald EugeneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam. Died 08/09/13.
Gulick, John MichaelxGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam.
Holtman, Dallas ReidUS ArmyGraduated June, 1966. Died 08/27/10.
Janssen, David HarryUS Navy/HM2Graduated June, 1966. Vietnam. Died 01/09/03.
Lizotte, Warren G.H., Jr.US Army/SP4Graduated June, 1966. Vietnam: Killed 02/26/69; Hostile; Died/Wounds
Nail, Adrian JudeUS MarinesGraduated June, 1966. Died 10/20/15.
Olin, Walter Lewis, Jr.US Army/CaptGraduated June, 1966. Died 10/21/12.
Rees, Ronald MelvinUSMCWould have graduated in 1966.Vietnam. Lives in OR.
Royal Jon DouglasUS Army ReservesGraduated June, 1966. Six years.
Rubenstein, Samuel JosephUS ArmyGraduated, June, 1966
Semple, William Scott (MacKay)US ArmyGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam. Died 06/29/12.
Stole, Robert OrlandxGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam.
Taylor, Keith EugeneUS Marine Corps/
Graduated June, 1966. Vietnam. Died 05/24/77.
Upchurch, Richard Lee US ArmyGraduated June, 1966. Reserves
Woodard, Michael WilliamUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam. Died 10/16/10.
Woodyard, David CraigUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam.
Worley, John FranklynUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1966. Vietnam. Four years.
Beattie, Raymond GenexGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Blair, Robert PaulxGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Brauer, Dennis Lee, Sr.US ArmyGraduated 1967. Died 06/28/14.
Campbell, Randy RayUS ArmyMay have graduated in January. Died 08/27/10.
Carter, Daniel T.xGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Case, Charles CecilUS Army/SP4Graduated 1967. Died; Vietnam; 05/12/69; Hostile, Killed
Creger, Donald JefferyxGraduated 1967. Vietnam. Died 05/16/06.
Dunlap, Robert MartinUS Air Force/ColGraduated 1967. Retired AF.
Dunn, Thomas HowardxGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Evans, Lon BrantxGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Faust, Gary LynnUS NavyGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Ford, Ray KennethxGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Foster, Myrna ElizabethUS NavyGraduated 1967. Served 1969-1989.
Fredericksen, Rickey AllenxGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Geitz, Garth FrederichxGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Gibson, Robert JamesNational GuardGraduated 1967. National Guard-9 years. 1969-1978. 234th Signal Bn. Co. A.
Greenfield, RobertxGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Harrigan, Michael DennisxGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Julstrom, David AlanUS Marine Corps
Lance Corporal
Graduated June, 1967. Vietnam. Da Nang area?
Lockman, Larry FranklinXGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
Lukehart, Larry EarlxGraduated 1967. Vietnam.
McCrea, Victor PaulUS ArmyGraduated June, 1967. Vietnam . Died 12/07/10.
Mintle, Bruce Lee US NavyGraduated June, 1967. Died. 11/25/05.
Parish, James A.xGraduated June, 1967. Vietnam
Pfannenstiel, Jim L.National GuardGraduated 1967. National Guard-6 years.
Ruby, Paul DeanxGraduated June, 1967. Vietnam
Spikes, William Franklin, III US NavyGraduated June, 1967. Fireman on carrier USS Hancock.
Stout, Michael LeexGraduated June, 1967. Vietnam.
Stover, Raymond JohnxGraduated June, 1967. Vietnam.
Tangeman, Marc GordonUS Air Force?Graduated June, 1967.
Thornton, Carl JeffersonxGraduated June, 1967. Vietnam.
Vernon, Ralph ElliottUS Navy/Shipfitter
3rd Class
Graduated June, 1967. Offshore Vietnam on oiler USS Kawishiwi.
Vignovich, Raymond LeeUS Navy/
Torpedoman's Mate 2nd Class/diver
Graduated June, 1967. Explosive Ordinance Disposal; Mekong Delta, Vietnam.
Wallace, Thomas D.US Air Force?Graduated June, 1967.
Amos, Robert (Bob) EarlUS ArmyGraduated June, 1968. Died 07/17/12.
Battles, Joseph PaulxGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Boles, Steven EdwardxGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Culp, Jerry WaynexGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam. Died 02/18/12.
Daugherty, Douglas JohnxGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Day, Richard EugeneUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1968. Air Force-4 years.
Fisher, Harold EugeneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1968. Died 01/15/13.
Grant, Donald CharlesxGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Hall, Russell GarryxGraduated June, 1968. Died 07/02/10.
Hayes, John AllenUS NavyGraduated June, 1968.
Helvig, John DouglasUS Coast GuardGraduated June, 1968. Died 03/30/16.
Kelderman, Dennis EugenexGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Koons, John CharlesxGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Lee, Stephen CarlxGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Mintle, Michael WayneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam. Died 01/13/13.
Rittel, Ronald FrankxGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Rogers, William LouisUS MarinesGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Rudisill, John DavidUS NavyGraduated June, 1968. Navy-4 years. Vietnam.
Salkiewicz, James xGraduated June, 1968. Desert Storm.
Snedden Donald Wayne, Sr.xGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Swartz, John EdwinxGraduated June, 1968. WWII?
Tullis, Douglas LorenxGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Wickliff, David LeeUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1968. Air Force-20+ years.
Wyman, Paul MichaelxGraduated June, 1968. Vietnam.
Aycock, Alan DalexGraduated June, 1969.
Ballard, Lester HerbertUS MarinesGraduated June, 1969.
Baughman, Robert CharlesUS NavyGraduated June, 1969. Vietnam. Died 08/29/05.
Dickinson, Thomas EricxGraduated June, 1969.
Downing, Danny DeanxGraduated June, 1969. Vietnam.
Edwards, William (Bill) ElmerUS NavyGraduated June, 1969.
Fedson, Richard Harlan, Jr.US Army;
US Air Force
Graduated June, 1969. Desert Storm; Kuwait.
Fisher, Wayne LeroyxGraduated June, 1969.
Gordon, Kenneth RoyUS Army/MPGraduated June, 1969. MP
Heinkel, Michael JayUS NavyGraduated June, 1969.
Hoffman, Gerald LeeUS NavyGraduated June, 1969. Retired from Navy.
Hunter, Craig DouglasxGraduated June, 1969.
Kauzlarich, David DemocratUS ArmyGraduated June, 1969. Stationed in Germany. Vietnam.
LaMasters, Michael George US NavyGraduated June, 1969.
McConnell, D. MichaelxGraduated June, 1969.
Michael, Lyman DelmarUS Navy;
1st Class Storekeeper
Graduated June, 1969. Boot camp in San Diego, CA.
Minks, Thomas JamesUS Army/SP4Graduated June, 1969. Vietnam. Deceased 05/31/95.
Morgan, Larry T.US Marine Corps/
Lance CPL
Graduated June, 1969. Died. 1970
Olney, Tim H.US NavyGraduated June, 1969. Vietnam?
Poore, Michael HaroldUS ArmyGraduated June, 1969.
Russell, David BrucexGraduated June, 1969. Vietnam
Shepard, Jack HansenUS Army/MPGraduated June, 1969. National Guard 186th Unit Military Police.
Sitterle, Lawrence DennisxGraduated June, 1969. WWII relative?
Vestal, Terry DuaneUS ArmyGraduated June, 1969.
Woodyard, Wesley MichealUS ArmyGraduated June, 1969. Vietnam.
Barden, Jack EdwardUS NavyGraduated 1970. Vietnam. Died 08/02/14.
Bayles, Edward F.xWWII?
Clark, Gregory AlanxGraduated 1970.
Cobb, Richard LanexGraduated. Vietnam
Flipping, Harry WyattxWWII?
Miller, James Ralph, IIxVietnam
Mutchler, RandiUS ArmyGraduated 1970. Army-3 years.
Neal, Keith JayxVietnam
Nicholson, David FranklinxVietnam
Overton, Charles DouglasxRetired: Iowa Air National Guard
Rhiner, Milton Wayne, Jr.xVietnam
Singleton, Samuel Seth, Jr.US ArmyGraduated 1970. Stationed in Germany for two years.
Smith, Gregory Paulx20 years in military
Smith, Marty BlairUS ArmyGraduated 1970. Army;3 years.
Vanni, BeatriceCaptain?Commander, Security Police Unit; Woodbridge, England (1990). Now in Cary, NC.
Warner, Mark E.xVietnam
Woodyard, James BrianUS Air ForceGraduated June, 1970. Vietnam.
Ritter, Harry IngramUS ArmyGraduated June, 1971. Died 03/31/07.
Lake, David WaynexGraduated June, 1971.
Deay, Michael DudleyUS ArmyGraduated 1972. Served in Army 1977-1997.
Ewing, James (Jimmy) Francis, Jr.US ArmyGraduated June, 1973. Enlisted July 30, 1973. Fort Carson, CO, 70th Armor, 4th Infantry/mechanic. Medals. Died 07/23/06.
Haseltine, Timothy Neal US NavyGraduated 1974. Navy-20+ years.
Walter, Brian LeeUS Air ForceGraduated 1974. Air Force-4 years. 1975-79; 1982-present
Hansen, Jon DavidUS NavyGraduated June, 1975. Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Five; March 1978-March 1983.
Lawson, Thomas KevinUS ArmyGraduated June, 1975. Died 07/27/14.
Thornton, Steven W.xGraduated 1975. 18 months of service.
Music: "Wind Beneath My Wings"
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