North High School Wall of Honor
Jack Dean Heimbaugh
Class of June, 1949
Research done by Claradell Shedd, Class of 1953. PAGE IN PROGRESS
Jack graduated from North High in the June, 1949 class. When he turned 17, he joined the Army. When he got out of the Army, he returned in 1948 and graduated from North High in June, 1949. He enlisted in the Iowa Air National Guard/Des Moines Airport in 1948. 124th Fighter Squadron. He joined the US Air Force when the group was federalized on April 25, 1951. At the time of his enlistment, his next of kin was Mr. Charles E. Heimbaugh, located at 1310 Norton Avenue, Des Moines, IA. His serial number is AF17205972.
Jack Dean Heimbaugh
Correct information will be substituted as received from Jack.
Year x Rank x Status
Aug.,1946 x Enlisted/
US Army
x Enlisted at the Army Recruit office, Des Moines Court House
Aug.,1946 x Basic Training x Fort Snelling, MN. One month.
Sept.,1946 x Training x Fort Sheridan, IL. A couple of weeks.
Oct., 1946 x Duty x Fort Bragg, NC. Basic Training. 8 weeks. Infantry.
date x Duty x Camp Stoneman, CA. Point of embarkation.
Jan.,1947 x Enroute x *USS General A.W. Brewster (AP-155) to Yokohama, Japan. 22 days at sea
Mar.,1947 x Enroute x Yokohama. Troop train to Beppu, Japan. ***19th Infantry Regiment, 124th Infantry Division. Communication Headquarters
date x Enroute x Troop train back to Yokohama.
date x Enroute x **USS General William Weigel (AP-119) back to Camp Stoneman, CA. 11 days at sea.
Feb., 1948 x US Army/
x Discharged at Camp Stoneman, CA
date x Enroute x Rail travel from Camp Stoneman, CA to Des Moines, IA via Sante Fe Chief.
Sep., 1948- June, 1949 x Graduated x Graduated from North High, Des Moines, IA
date x Enrolled x Capital City Commercial College; Des Moines, IA. One year.
1950-1951 x Employed x Des Moines Municipal Airport; Iowa Air National Guard; 124th Fighter Bomber Squadron.
April 1, 1951 x US Air Force/
x Was in the Air Force Reserve. Joined the US Air Force when the group federalized.
1951 x Training x Dow Field, Bangor, ME. SAC; 124th Fighter Bomber Squadron
1952 x USAF/
1st Sgt.
x 124th Food Service Squadron; Dow Field, Bangor, ME.
Nov.30,1952 x Duty/
x Headquarters; 9th Air Force; Pope Air Force Base, NC (Fort Bragg, NC). Deactivated in USAF at Fort Bragg, NC.
date x Enroute x Drove back to Des Moines. Still in the 124th Fighter Bomber Group.
1953 x x 132nd Fighter Wing Air Defense Group Bomber, 124th Fighter Bomber Group, Iowa Air National Guard.
date x Employment/
x Worked at Airport. Recruiting Tech. Sergeant for the 132nd Fighter Wing. Promoted to Master Sergeant. Two years.
1956 x Employment x Joined Erie Railroad in Des Moines, IA. Three years.
early 1959
x x x Milwaukee, New Orleans, Birmingham, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Toledo; all with railroad work.
1992 x Retired x From Consolidated Rail Corporation. Retired as manager of National Accounts.
x x x Civilian
Ft. Snelling; Fort Sheridan; Fort Stoneman pic; Fort Stoneman Embarkation graphic
*USS General A.W. Brewster (AP-155)
USS Brewster Radio Call Sign US Army
*USS General A.W. Brewster; AP-155 Awards, Citations, and Campaign Ribbons
USS General Brewster Awards
Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - American Campaign Medal - Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign Medal
Second Row - Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal - World War II Victory Medal - National Defense Service Medal
Third Row - Korean Service Medal (4) - United Nations Service Medal - Republic of Korea War Service Medal (retroactive)
*USS General A.W. Brewster (AP-155)
USS General A. W. Brewster (AP-155) was a General G. O. Squier-class transport ship for the U.S. Navy in World War II. The ship was crewed by the U.S. Coast Guard throughout the war.[1] She was named in honor of U.S. Army general Andre Walker Brewster. She was transferred to the U.S. Army as USAT General A. W. Brewster in 1946. On 1 March 1950 she was transferred to the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) as USNS General A. W. Brewster (T-AP-155). She was later sold for commercial operation under the name SS Philadelphia, before being scrapped some time after November 1987.

After shakedown out of San Diego, the transport sailed 28 May from San Pedro. Transiting the Panama Canal, she arrived Avonmouth, England, 20 June and embarked troops for Pacific ports. Sailing westward, General A. W. Brewster passed through the canal again and arrived Humboldt Bay, New Guinea, 27 July 1945. She then sailed to the Philippines, remaining there until after the capitulation of Japan. The ship embarked veterans and returned to San Francisco 1 September.

General A. W. Brewster made three additional voyages to the Far East in the immediate postwar period, bringing home thousands of servicemen. She decommissioned at San Francisco 10 April 1946 and was transferred to the Maritime Commission and later to Army Transportation Service for Pacific duty.

One journey made by USAT General A. W. Brewster left Manila in September 1946 with elements of the U.S. Thirteenth Air Force and arriving in Oakland the next month.
**USS General William Weigel (AP-119)
US Navy
USS Weigel Radio Call Sign
**USS General William Weigel; AP-119Awards, Citations, and Campaign Ribbons
USS General Weigel Awards
Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - American Campaign Medal
Second Row - Europe-Africa-Middle East Campaign Medal - Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal - World War II Victory Medal
Third Row - National Defense Service Medal (2) - Korean Service Medal (7) - Vietnam Service Medal (1)
Fourth Row - United Nations Service Medal - Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal - Republic of Korea War Service Medal (retroactive)
**USS General William Weigel (AP-119)
USS General William Weigel (AP-117) was a troop transport that served with the United States Navy in World War II. After the war, she was acquired by the US Army and became USAT General William Weigel. On the outbreak of the Korean War, she was transferred to the Military Sea Transportation Service (MSTS) and designated USNS General William Weigel (T-AP-119), a designation she retained for her later service in the Vietnam War.

As part of the Magic Carpet fleet, she stood out from San Diego, California 11 September with rotation troops for Pearl Harbor and returned to San Francisco 24 September with 5,000 veterans. From 6 October 1945 to 8 February 1946, she made three round-trip trans-Pacific voyages (two out of San Francisco and the third from Seattle) to bring occupation troops to Yokohama.

Following a Magic Carpet voyage to Manila and back to San Francisco 11 April 1946, the transport departed San Francisco 16 April for New York, arriving 1 May. Decommissioned there 10 May 1946, she was transferred to the War Department for peacetime operations as an Army transport and made shuttle runs with troops and supplies from San Francisco to garrisons in the Pacific until reacquired by the Navy 20 July 1950. General William Weigel was assigned to MSTS 1 August 1950, and redesignated USNS General William Weigel (T-AP-119).
photo graphic Appropriate photos coming from Jack Heimbaugh
***19th Infantry Regiment; Korea
The 19th Infantry Regiment was highly engaged in the Korean War, exemplifying the resolve that earned them their motto almost a century prior. They were involved in the United Nations Defensive and Offensive Actions, the first United Nations Counteroffensive, and a number of offensives and engagements throughout the War. They received the Presidential Unit Citation (Army) for the Defense of Korea, and two Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citations. Following the cease fire, the 19th Infantry Regiment was assigned to assist with the prisoner repatriation which would bring American captives home. The 19th was assigned to the camp where allies held anti-Communist Chinese POWs on Cheju-do Island.
Jack Dean Heimbaugh
Master Sergeant
US Army: 19th Infantry Regiment; 124 Infantry Division
US Air Force: 132nd Fighter Wing; 124th Fighter SquadronMSgt.
US Army Seal

19th Infantry Regiment
USAF; E7; MSgt.

Heimbaugh photo

USAF Air Force Seal

132nd Fighter Wing; IA Air National Guard

124th Fighter Squadron/IA Air National Guard
Examples of medals:
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01/19/11; Living in IN.
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